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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which brings together the cheapest and quality public bread among the 5 largest cities of Turkey with the help of BESAŞ, continues to deliver public bread, milk, dairy products and other bakery products to the citizens in the BESAŞ factory sales store, which it has created with a new concept.

BESAŞ, which is Turkey’s third and Bursa’s largest bread factory, brings together approximately 85 million pieces of bread and dairy products obtained from approximately 4 million liters of milk purchased from farmers annually, continues to renew itself in order not to compromise on service quality. BESAŞ, which renews its service fleet day by day in order to deliver the products produced to the consumers in the healthiest way, offered the sales store that it created with a new concept, as well as the bread factory, to the service of the people of Bursa.

Demand is increasing day by day

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited the BESAŞ facilities and got information about the production processes. President Aktaş, who later moved to the renovated sales store, also examined the new vehicles included in the service fleet. Mayor Aktaş, who was shopping at the sales store, chatted with the citizens and got their ideas. Noting that BESAŞ, which has prioritized quality and health since the day it was founded, is one of the most important subsidiaries, President Aktaş said that BESAŞ is the organization that sells the cheapest public bread in Turkey’s 5 largest cities. Stating that BESAŞ continues to make profits besides its services, Mayor Aktaş said, “We use this profit in the works related to facility renewal, new vehicles and equipment to serve our citizens. It realizes all of these investments only with its own resources. There is no such thing as subsidizing BESAŞ from a different institution. This year, we added 2 new fiber box bread distribution trucks to our vehicle fleet. We also opened our factory sales store, which highlights BESAŞ’s vision and renewed it with a privileged service approach to our citizens. “We are also faced with an increasing demand day by day. I want our citizens to visit the sales store right next to our bread factory. They will be able to find other products besides bread easily,” he said.

Great support to the manufacturer

Expressing that BESAŞ, like other companies, is an outstanding company that provides added value to Bursa, President Aktaş stated that they have been bringing quality, hygienic and healthy food products to Bursa residents since the day they took office. In addition, President Aktaş, explaining that they have made significant gains to farmers and cooperatives in Bursa with BESAŞ, said, “We received nearly 4 million liters of milk from farmers in 2022 through development cooperatives and unions in Orhaneli, Keles, Büyükorhan and Harmancık districts. In return, a payment of close to 30 million TL. We have purchased more than 28 million liters of milk from our farmers and paid around 100 million liras since November 2017. We also purchased 29 tons of einkorn wheat, which is cultivated in mountain districts. and we deliver different flavors produced by women’s development cooperatives to our people by supplying them for sale with the help of BESAŞ”.

Mayor Aktaş, who said that they were always at the forefront from the first moment in all disasters with the help of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, reminded that they shipped 1000 food parcels and nearly 450 thousand bread ready for consumption on the first day to the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake region only by BESAŞ. Mayor Aktaş said, “We are very happy to have a big brand like BESAŞ, which has cost our Bursa and to serve our citizens, as well as all the affiliates of our municipality. With the work we do under the roof of BESAŞ, we support our local producers and provide all our citizens living in Bursa with affordable and affordable prices. We will continue to bring quality products together. Good luck with our new sales store,” he said. – BURSA

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