11th of Ankara Heritage Construction Site Tours was held

11th of Ankara Heritage Construction Site Tours was held
11th of Ankara Heritage Construction Site Tours was held

Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage; Opened the doors of the construction sites of the Roman Theatre, Archeopark and Ankara Castle Street Rehabilitation Projects, where restoration and conservation works continue, for the 11th time as part of the Ankara Heritage Construction Site Visits.


This time, the guest of the Ankara Heritage Construction Site Visits program, which attracted great attention from all segments of the society, was the photographers who are members of the Barrier-Free Photography Association (ENFOD).

Within the scope of the program, Roman Theatre, Archeopark and Ankara Castle Street Rehabilitation Projects were visited; expert architects and archaeologists informed the participants about the restoration and conservation works carried out.

Informing the participants about the extensive works carried out in Ulus Historical City Center, Head of Cultural and Natural Heritage Department Bekir Ödemiş said, “We have initiated a very comprehensive and serious restoration process, especially in Ulus Historical City Center. The first of these works was the Roman Theater and the Archeopark. The second was our work in Ankara Castle. Our main goal is to transform Turkey together into a modern society in a determined manner, in the 100th anniversary of our Republic and our Capital, with the goal that Atatürk set for us and the path he paved for us.”


Having the opportunity to witness the history of Ankara closely, ENFOD members took photographs of every detail of the historical buildings.

Stating that they were very excited by the works carried out on the buildings that shed light on Ankara’s 2,800-year-old history, the photographers thanked the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for the free tour:

Necati Yalçın: “I write and draw about Ankara and organize various events to raise awareness. We are here today as part of the ‘Step by Step Ankara with ENFOD’ tours. We actually photographed the first version of this place. The Roman Theater stands up wonderfully. While the Archeopark was trying to be a place for children, it turned into a place bursting with history. It has turned into a magnificent area in the city that will appeal to everyone from seven to seventy. Therefore, in this sense, I congratulate the Metropolitan Municipality once again from my heart.”

Hulusi Gürpınar: “I was really excited. Today, we watched, listened and viewed these beauties with admiration, initiated by Mansur Yavaş, ABB President, to ensure the return of those beauties that I heard from my father and grandfather. Our hopes for the future have been renewed. Thank you to everyone involved. I am sure that all Ankara residents will be excited when they see these places.”

İbrahim Ulusan: “I am a historian. Being in these regions, especially as a historian, added beauty. Born and raised in Ankara; It is very important to develop these places, to open them to tourism, at least to preserve their artistic texture.”

Mecid Vuran: “The works of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality aroused admiration. It both brought the people of this place to good use and it made us very happy that these places were brought into tourism.”

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