Earthquake Victims Vote in Their Homes – Last Minute


Many of the earthquake survivors residing in Eskişehir have to vote in the second round of the Presidential Elections by the Eskişehir Governorship and Youth and Sport Under the leadership of the Provincial Directorate, they go to the polls in their hometowns.

The earthquake victims who settled in Eskişehir after the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes go to the polls to vote with the help of Eskişehir Governorship, Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and AFAD. The expenses of the transportation routes preferred by the earthquake victims are covered by the Governor’s Office. For earthquake victims who will reside in KYK Doğan Aslanbey Student Dormitory and vote in Eskişehir, the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports provides shuttle service. Earthquake survivors residing in KYK Doğan Aslanbey Student Dormitory underlined that they are satisfied with the facilities provided.

“We are provided with transportation opportunities, we can easily go and vote and come back”

Saying that the governor’s office covers the travel expenses, Sevcan Çilingir stated that she voted easily and said, “We have been here since the 9th day of the earthquake. We have transportation opportunities, we can easily go and vote and return. These opportunities are realized under the coordination of the governorship. .

“We will vote and come back on Sunday”

Bülent Yüksek, who also resides in the KYK Doğan Aslanbey Student Dormitory, stated that the transportation facilities are met by the governorship, and said, “We have been here for 3 and a half months. They take really good care of us here. Thanks to our manager, the staff in the dormitory are behaving well. We are fine here, but we will return to our country of course. I hope we will go towards the evening tomorrow, vote and return on Sunday. We will go 800 kilometers, everyone should do their civic duty and play the game,” he said.

Esra Yıldırım, a 21-year-old earthquake survivor who will play her first game in Eskişehir, said, “Everyone got together here. Whoever lacks, compensates for the other. We established a very nice neighborhood, in fact, the state provided an opportunity here. “They can go back. I also cast my first vote here. We took our residence here and there was a secondary school very close to it, I used it there, I will use my grass here in the second round,” he said.

“Shuttle service will be provided between 10.00 and 14.00 in the evening.”

Gift Okşar, who went to vote with the services provided by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports in Eskişehir, spoke as follows;

“The environment is very nice, may Allah be pleased with everyone who is interested and invested in the hound. We have made new friends here. I voted in Muttalip Atatürk Primary School in the first round. We will win here in the second round as well. We received the voting papers from our principal, thank you, he is a very good principal, God bless you.” “A shuttle service will be provided by the directorate between 10:00 in the morning and 14:00 in the evening for those who will vote in Eskişehir at 10 am. We will go to vote with him.”

It was learned that the transportation expenses of 2 thousand 568 of the 30 thousand earthquake victims in the city were covered by the Eskişehir Governorship, including round trips. This figure is expected to double in the coming days, depending on demand. The earthquake victims who want to vote in their country continue to be helped from the area set up inside the bus terminal. – ESKISEHIR

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