AK Party comes to mind when it comes to national will.

AK Party comes to mind when it comes to national will.
AK Party comes to mind when it comes to national will.

AK Party Konya Deputy Selman Özboyacı made field visits in Selçuklu before the presidential second round of elections to be held on 28 May. Expressing that the people of Konya have made their decision, Özboyacı said, “We made a visit to the tradesmen in the Şefikcan region. The view, opinion and stance of the people of Konya are already in the middle, and the decisions are now clear. Hopefully, we will hold the final stage of one of the most important elections in Turkey on Sunday. Our President will be re-elected as President in the second round. We strive for it,” he said.


Emphasizing that due to the difference in votes in the first round, the voters should go to the polls for the second round without being complacent, Özboyacı said, “There is a new election on Sunday. The votes will be counted from zero. That’s why it is very, very important for everyone to go to the ballot box and show their will. We should never get complacent. Our President said very well. “Our opponent is not Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu or the CHP, our opponent is complacency. Let’s not get complacent. We offer our eternal gratitude to our nation, who has supported our President and the AK Party for 21 years,” he said.


Selman Özboyacı said, “When we say national will, when we say ballot box, AK Party comes to mind, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan comes to mind. Now is the time to stand up for our President again. That’s why I invite all our fellow countrymen to the ballot boxes on Sunday. Let’s all go together, cast our vote. I hope the national will is manifested.” used the phrases.


Selman Özboyacı stated that the selection process was very productive during their time in the field and said, “To be sincere and objective, we are conducting an election process that really makes me very happy and happy. For 5 years, we have made an effort or a lot of effort. “We understand it when we enter a shop, saying ‘Welcome to my brother Selman.’ We understand it when we enter the cafes and say, ‘Brother, we already know you.'”


Underlining that there is a serious young population in Turkey, Selman Özboyacı said, “Of course, we have more young people to reach. Being a representative of young people is not an easy thing. Because there is a very serious young population in Turkey. I always say that Turkey’s young “If we can educate the population correctly, it is the greatest strength and potential of our country. That is why we took the task to represent our youth better. Our citizens also chose us. We owe gratitude. I hope we will work to give the rights of the youth. May my Lord not embarrass us to our young friends,” he said.


Selman Özboyacı concluded his words as follows: “Our President has spoken sincerely many times at the rallies. ‘We are like your guests now. It is our last period, we will leave the real Turkey to you,’ he says. Thats right. Let’s protect our democracy and our President so that tomorrow’s Turkey will be much stronger. Hopefully, we will continue to try and make an effort to represent the youth.”

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