4 arrests in drug operations in Yalova


4 of the 16 people who were detained in the drug operations organized by the teams of the Yalova Provincial Police Department Anti-Narcotic Crimes Branch were arrested by the court.

According to the information received, the teams of the Anti-Narcotic Crimes Branch Directorate and the taxi that NK was in, who were determined to trade in Yalova with the drugs he procured from the surrounding provinces, were stopped on the Yalova-Çınarcık road. A total of 107 grams of methamphetamine were seized in 20 separate packages hidden in the suspect’s sound system.

Expanding the investigation, the teams caught GD, FY, TH, ASH, who were found to be dealing in drugs at street level, in a simultaneous operation. In the searches carried out in the residence and vehicles of the suspects accompanied by the narcotic substances search dog Zeytin; 55.19 synthetic cannabinoids, 38.15 grams of methamphetamine, 5.98 grams of cannabis and 1 precision balance were seized.

NK, ASH, TH, GD and FY, who were detained within the framework of the investigation carried out on the charge of “trafficking drugs”, were referred to the courthouse.

In addition, ANK, EU, GD and OY, who were prosecuted for the crime of “trafficking drugs”, were arrested by the court and sent to prison.

Legal action was taken against a total of 7 suspects, including M.Ç., Ö.A., AK, B.Ö., MR, HK and BK, who were caught and taken into custody upon the detection that they bought drugs to use from street vendors.

Thus, judicial proceedings were carried out against a total of 16 suspects by the Anti-Narcotic Crimes Branch Directorate. – YALOVA

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