Lodgings vacated by the gendarmerie in Kars turned into ruins


Kars Digor road almost turned into ruins after the evacuation of two blocks belonging to the gendarmerie in TOKİ residences in the 30th of October Neighborhood. Derelict buildings that are on the verge of collapse are dangerous.

The last point he reached after the evacuation of two blocks belonging to the gendarmerie in TOKİ residences in Digor Yolu 30 Ekim Neighborhood worries the residents of the neighborhood.

Some of the residences built by TOKİ were allocated as housing for the police and military personnel working in the public sector.

Nearly 40 flats, which were evacuated and left idle, were almost plundered by an unidentified person or persons. It was observed that the heating system, electrical installation, lighting poles and door windows in the two blocks used as military lodging were completely removed and taken away. Recently, the entrance floors have been covered with roofs to prevent people from entering the buildings.

Stating that the evacuated lodgings were almost plundered by insensitive person or persons, the residents of the area said, “Unidentified people and persons who enter these buildings with the darkening of the air use them for thinner, bally, drugs and prostitution. From time to time, there are gunshots and they are uneasy. “We are afraid of going out. Our children are afraid to go out. We ask the authorities for help, they should either put these buildings back into operation or demolish them.”

On the other hand, the evacuated buildings are becoming more and more ruined day by day, while citizens are waiting for a solution from the authorities. – KARS

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