Mugla News Koycegiz pilgrim candidates were vaccinated

Mugla News Koycegiz pilgrim candidates were vaccinated
Mugla News Koycegiz pilgrim candidates were vaccinated

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in the Köyceğiz district of Muğla. pilgrim to candidates first a seminar was given, then a meningitis vaccine was given.

16 will go to the holy land by the Koycegiz District Mufti pilgrim “Hajj Training Seminars” were organized for the candidate. In the seminar; Wisdom of Hajj and Meaning of Symbols in Hajj, Consciousness of Worship Hajj and Umrah Menasiki, Hz. The Prophet (pbuh), Masjid an-Nabawi and Medina, Material and Spiritual Preparation before the Pilgrimage and Awareness of Living Together, Women-Specific Issues, Basic Health Information, Mecca and Medina places of visit were discussed and Hajj worship was explained in practice.

Seminars were given by Koycegiz District Mufti Ahmet Karagöz, preacher Rauf Evleksiz, Religious Services Specialist Mustafa Özdil, Preacher Belkıs Ulusan. who will go to the holy land in June pilgrim to candidates At the end of the seminars, basic health information was conveyed by the District Health Directorate and meningitis vaccine was given by the health personnel. Speaking on the last day of the seminars held in the Köyceğiz Mufti meeting hall, District Mufti Karagöz said, pilgrim He asked the candidates to pray especially for our country, our nation and the Islamic world in blessed places and prayed that they would make a blessed pilgrimage and return to our country safely.

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