In Konya, the name that overturned half a century spoke


Mehmet Kızılay, owner of Dostlar Etliekmek, has been serving in Konya since 1972 and continues to meet with its customers, overcoming half a century in his profession.

  • 26.05.2023 13:49
  • Updated: 26.05.2023 13:56

Mehmet Kızılay, who said that people who know well about Etliekmek should talk, underlined that there would be no quality without taste.


Responding to the question of how good etliekmek would be, Kızılay said, “This dish is not about its width and height, the secret is in its taste. In our time, ETİ bread was 14-15 cm wide and 55-60 cm long. This is how real, old meatloaf is made. Nowadays, they say it would be good if it was wide, but it would be good with its taste, not with its width. I say this to raise awareness of the people,” he said.

Mehmet Kızılay, who claims that the dough for real etliekmek is no longer made in Konya and gave information on this issue, said, “The dough for that etliekmek used to start at 10 in the morning and end at 2 in the afternoon. The same dough was not used and was kneaded again.”


Lastly, Mehmet Kızılay, owner of Dostlar Etliekmek, touched upon the tricks of eating the right etliekmek, and concluded his speech by saying that in the past, lemon was not squeezed into etliekmek and instead sumac was thrown on it.

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