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AK Party Çanakkale Deputy Ayhan Tanı continues his work before the Presidential Second Round of Elections to be held on 28 May. In this context, Sorgun prefers to establish one-to-one communication in districts and villages. Participating in house meetings in Çanakkale city center, Ayhan Yavaş answered the questions of the citizens and asked for support.

With the Presidential Elections to go to the second round, AK Party’s Çanakkale Deputy Ayhan Yavaş has been continuing his work without hesitation since 15 May. Visiting four districts on the same day as part of his work, he also holds organizational meetings. Continuing his visits in the city center of Çanakkale, the AK Party’s expense made house visits in Barbaros District and evaluated the 14 May elections and the second round of voting to be held on 28 May with the citizens. Stating that the majority of the people gave the AK Party to the AK Party is an important message, goes; “With the support of you, the AK Party is the party that has the highest number of deputies in the Parliament. This is an important indicator of how our people want to continue on the road. Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, despite the fact that the 7’s Table and many political parties came together, almost He received the support of one of both people. They pressed all the buttons, as the youth put it, but they still couldn’t succeed. Instead of asking why we couldn’t succeed despite the coming together of so many different parties, they insulted those who did not vote for him. The election could have ended in the first round. They put all the pressure on Muharrem İnce to withdraw. After İnce, they pressured and insulted Ogan to withdraw as well. Then they said, without any redness, Ogan should come and support us,” he said.

“Ogan also favored stability”

Mentioning the importance of stability due to the conditions Turkey is in; “Sinan Ogan made the decision in a wise manner and stood by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the candidate of the AK Party and the People’s Alliance, who came first in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. He doesn’t have enough foresight to gift 37 deputies, but you want to be President. Ogan saw that this is not reasonable like all of us. Now we did not insult Ogan. They do not leave insults. Why? Because if you are not one of them, you are bad. If you do not look at the world like them, you have no right to live. He said, “Where did we go wrong. Fortunately, the table that Kılıçdaroğlu brought together and set up was not a table with the authority to make international agreements. Otherwise, with this incompetence, we would have left the table stateless.”
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