Guns Spoken in Restaurant: There Are Injured

Guns Spoken in Restaurant: There Are Injured
Guns Spoken in Restaurant: There Are Injured

The incident occurred at around 01:00 on the İnegöl-Alanyurt road. Hasan A. and Erhan B. came to a restaurant on the road to have fun.

For an unknown reason, an argument broke out between the two friends who had been drinking alcohol here for a while and the restaurant employees Orhan T. and Muhammed M. While the discussion turned into a fight in a short time, the customers were taken out of the restaurant with the intervention of other employees.

As the fight escalated, Orhan T. opened fire on Hasan A. and Erhan B. with the gun he had with him. Hasan A. and Erhan B., who were injured by the bullets hitting their legs as a result of the fire, collapsed to the ground. Meanwhile, Orhan T. and Muhammed M. fled the scene by car.

Upon the notification, many police and medical teams were sent to the scene. While the police teams took extensive security measures in the surrounding area, the injured people, who were treated at the scene by the medical teams, were taken to the İnegöl State Hospital.

It has been learned that the health status of the injured who were treated is good. Police teams, who were investigating the crime scene, started work to catch the fleeing suspects.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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