‘We will go on exorbitant rents in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir’

‘We will go on exorbitant rents in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir’
‘We will go on exorbitant rents in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir’

Binali Yıldırım, Deputy Chairman of the AK Party, stated that they will devote more time to the audit, “We will go after exorbitant rent increases, especially in metropolitan cities, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and coastal cities. We will go against opportunists in food. And we will remove this issue from the agenda of our nation.” said.

Speaking at the Non-Governmental Organizations Meeting organized by the Sultanbeyli Municipality, Yıldırım stated that some of the citizens would go to the village to collect tea, hazelnuts or to go to the village, pointing to the second round of the Presidential Election on 28 May, and said that things could wait a few days, but Turkey’s next 5 years would not.

Yıldırım said, “Look, we saw seasonal nationalists because of this election. Before May 14, the PKK and FETO terrorist organizations took sides and said, ‘May Kemal Bey win.’ Didn’t we see them shouting loudly? It didn’t even stop with them. Those who held the strings behind them, imperial countries and colonialist countries did the same thing. used the phrase.

Emphasizing that refugees are a global issue, Yıldırım said that one third of Syrian citizens are in their own lands, the rest are in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Likewise, war broke out in Ukraine and 15 million people went to neighboring countries.

Yıldırım continued his words as follows:

“The Alliance of the Nation… It is not the Alliance of the Nation, I call them an alliance of interests. My brother, there is no election yet. They have emerged, they have shared everything. They are fighting before the election. ‘Are you going to be a minister or am I going to be a minister?’ They are distributing the vice-presidential offices like this. “Who knows, maybe you will appoint 10. You will give each of them an office car. You will give each of them an office.” He managed it for 5 years. Before they were elected, they distributed 7 of them before they were authorized by the nation. They also have 5 vacant in their pocket. They will explain it later. But they will not live long enough. On Sunday, they will say bye and bye with all their dreams.”

Stating that terrorism has been brought under control, Yıldırım said that Turkey’s growth and development has been delayed for at least 50 years because of the terrorist organization.

Yildirim said, “If this terror had not destroyed our resources, if we had not had our martyrs, if we had not had our material losses, we were three times ahead of where we are today… But for the last 15 years, we have brought terror under control. Fear of life, terror is neither in the East nor in the West. “It has ceased to be the number one problem of our country and our nation, neither in the North nor in the South. Everyone goes wherever they want. They do their trade and visit.” he said.

– “We will go against the opportunists in food”

Stating that they will concentrate on the economy, Yıldırım concluded his words as follows:

“We will devote more time to auditing. We will go after exorbitant rent increases, especially in big cities, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, coastal cities. We will go after opportunists in food. And we will remove this issue from our nation’s agenda. Inflation is the worst thing that can happen. People my age know. He knows 135 percent, 140 percent inflation, 7 thousand percent interest. Young people, those who were born with us, those who were born in 2000 and reached this age do not know. Because they have seen no one but the AK Party government. We have seen the worst of the bad ones, we came to these days. In order not to go back to those days We need to work harder. We need to take decisions faster. Experience will also do this. We have this experience, our leader has it, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has it.

That’s why our first goal is to bring inflation down. It’s already starting to come down. We came from the 60’s, 70’s to the 40’s today. It will fall further. ‘Never mind the inflation, let’s increase the money.’ When you say it is the biggest disaster. You can never catch up with it. The important thing is to control inflation, and then to provide welfare to our citizens above inflation.”

AK Party Sultanbeyli District President Ali Tombaş and representatives of non-governmental organizations attended the meeting.

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