Disgusting event in Izmir; male nurse raped cancer patient in intensive care!

Disgusting event in Izmir; male nurse raped cancer patient in intensive care!
Disgusting event in Izmir; male nurse raped cancer patient in intensive care!

Stage 4 lung cancer patient NC (63), who was treated in the intensive care unit at İzmir Ege University Hospital, was allegedly sexually assaulted by nurse EK (29). The victim of the incident, which happened a week ago, died the previous day.

In the incident, which was discovered by a nurse at Ege University, NC, who has stage 4 lung cancer, started to be treated at Ege University Hospital on April 24. NC’s condition worsened and he lost consciousness on May 5th.

Allegedly, she was sexually assaulted by EK, who was working as a nurse at the hospital, on May 17, while she was lying in the intensive care unit of NC, Department of Chest Diseases. EE, one of the nurses who entered the room where NC was sleeping to take medicine, saw the incident and reported the situation to their superiors.

It was also detected in security camera recordings.

The security personnel, who watched the security cameras in the intensive care unit, detected the qualified sexual assault on the camera and filed a complaint with the police along with the images.

The police, who started work on the report, detained the suspect EK while he was having dinner with his wife in a place in Bayraklı district.

EK was shown the recording of the sexual assault, which was viewed by security cameras. If the EK”The drugs I have given to the patient are drugs in his own electronic system, I have nothing to say for the continuation of the images.” said.

“It is true that I opened my genitals and brought them closer”

After the statements at the police station, EK gave another statement to the prosecutor in the court to which he was transferred. Arguing that there was a misunderstanding in his statement at the police station, EK said, “It is true that I touched the breasts of a woman named NC, who was in the intensive care unit. It is also true that I opened my genitals and brought them closer. I just attemptedIt was learned that he said he regretted it.

EK, who was referred to the court on duty with a request for arrest, also stated that “The incident in question is true. I did the thing. I accept images“He said. EK was arrested and sent to prison.

Everything is clear in images

It was underlined in the security camera surveillance report prepared regarding the incident that EK first came to NC and gave medicine, then went to his left side and attracted NC to himself, and then committed the sexual assault.

It was also included in the monitoring report that EK also checked the monitors that NC was connected to during this time, and after about 15 minutes, he got off the patient with a sudden movement, pulled up his bottom clothes, lifted the bed rail, and left the patient after straightening the bed.

He lost his life

It has been learned that a disciplinary investigation has been initiated by the Dean’s Office against EK by the management of Ege University Hospital. In addition, it was learned that NC, who had lung cancer, died yesterday and was buried today, while the investigation regarding the sexual assault that occurred in the intensive care unit was continuing. (DHA)

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