Overseas votes in Turkey | NTV

Overseas votes in Turkey | NTV
Overseas votes in Turkey | NTV

After the voting process was completed at the foreign representative offices, the votes cast in the countries where Turkish citizens live in Europe were brought to Ankara by chartered planes.

Turkish Airlines planes carrying the votes landed at Esenboğa Airport.


İsmail Emrah Karayel, Deputy Chairman of the Turkey-European Union (EU) Joint Parliamentary Commission (KPK) and AK Party Member of Parliament, who was in charge of the first plane landing at the airport, emphasized that the voting process was carried out by taking special security measures.

Noting that there was a higher turnout this time compared to the first round in the presidential election, Karayel said, “Our overseas representations also had a five-day voting period. During this time, our people participated intensively. They mostly cast their votes at the weekend.” he said.

Karayel stated that the intense participation in the second round is an indicator of the democratic maturity of the Turkish people.

Attorney Onur Kılıç, CHP Member of the Overseas District Election Board, who served as the representative of the political party during the transfer of the votes, also talked about the efforts to safely deliver the votes cast abroad to Ankara.

Explaining that his party is making great efforts to increase the rate of participation in the elections abroad, Kılıç said, “As the organization of the Republican People’s Party, all our party members and officials were in the polling station so that the ballot bags would not leave our eyes for a moment, so as not to disturb the chain of election security.” said.


With the landing of the planes, the sealed sacks containing the votes were transported to the trucks.

At 03.35, after the completion of the transfer of the votes to the trucks and the keeping of the minutes, the trucks moved in company with the police. Political party representatives were also included in the convoy created for security purposes.

Votes were delivered to the Overseas District Election Board at the ATO Congresium.


Although the voting period decreased from 12 days to 5 days, the turnout rate and the number of votes cast broke all-time records. The Supreme Election Board announced that as of 20.15, the number of voters who cast their votes abroad was 1 million 902 thousand 417. Voting at customs will continue until May 28.

The highest number of votes abroad was Germany with 760 thousand 882.


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