One vote Turkey Century’s good news

One vote Turkey Century’s good news
One vote Turkey Century’s good news

After the Presidential elections held on 14 May to the second round, Turkey will go to the ballot box again on 28 May and use the vote. While there is only a short time left for the elections to be held on May 28, commercials of the parties for the elections continue to be broadcast.

The new commercial film, which was prepared by the AK Party and which pays attention to the importance of each game to be given on May 28, gained great popularity. te that arpc commercial…


The following expressions were used in the commercial:

Don’t say what’s wrong with one vote, what can’t happen! Just like a conquest on 29 May, the good news of the Turkish Century is a vote you will cast on 28 May. To pray in Hagia Sophia, to pray for Eid in Süleymaniye, give us a single vote. There will be a home, there will be a network, the roads near the distance will become bridges. Gardens that breathe, ports that unite, hospitals that fail, will be your vote. A vote will revive a brand new generation of Sakarya, which makes us who we are, what is local and national, whatever makes these unique lands a homeland.


Not only Turkey, but the world’s oppressed have a voice and a breath. Each vote accompanies a leader whose speech is listened to by the Moon Star embellishing our own dome. Don’t forget, a vote completes the steps taken, the big dreams that have been established. Bayra doesn’t leave it on the ground, it spoils all the games, hugs everyone, a vote you will give on May 28th. Erdoan is Turkey, Turkey is Erdoan. One vote means moving on with the right man.

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