Imamoglu’s reaction to Minister Soylu: These are charlatans

Imamoglu’s reaction to Minister Soylu: These are charlatans
Imamoglu’s reaction to Minister Soylu: These are charlatans

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and the candidate for the Vice President of the Nation Alliance, also held a series of events in Bayrampaşa.

İmamoğlu, who came together with the citizens and tradesmen in the Altıntepsi indoor market, had conversations with the citizens on the economic crisis and election agenda.

Afterwards, İmamoğlu went to İsmet Paşa Neighborhood and gave a tea break in Akpınar Park under the intense interest of the citizens. After Güngören, İmamoğlu held the second public meeting of the day in the old amusement park area in Kartaltepe District.

The people of Bayrampaşa, who filled the square and the balconies and windows of their houses, showed love to İmamoğlu. In his speech to the enthusiastic crowd that filled all four corners of the election bus, İmamoğlu briefly said the following:


*Every layer of society is here. Dress, outfit, lifestyle, it doesn’t make any difference. All of us are dear to us. We all become victims to every child, every person, woman, man of this country. We are looking for a way to serve every region, every ethnic identity. And we will start this path together on May 28th.

* Bayrampaşa is one of our very mixed districts. Here you can take the whole picture, the whole view of Turkey. You are neighbors, shoulder to shoulder. We live our bad days and good days together.

* One of our close neighbors, one of our great loved and respected elders, Muzaffer Anlak, who lived in one of the buildings here, passed away. I wish you mercy. Rest in peace. Rest in peace. I wish patience to all your family. We are holding a rally here today.

* But we read Fatiha to his soul, we pray to his soul. Now we share the pain, we share the goodness, we share the beauty. Let me be a victim, why are you causing discord in this nation? Why are you pitting this nation against each other? Is it worth the vote? Is it worth it for politics?


*For God’s sake; What you call this vote, what you call a party, what you call an office, happens at the discretion of the nation, but not by deceiving the nation. Even if you win today, you will lose tomorrow. How to break the heart of a servant of Allah, to slander a person, to tell a lie to people as if it were the truth, my mind, decency and morality do not understand.

*Look; You can protest someone. You can be angry with someone. You may not like it. You may not accept their services. But for God’s sake, -who are you- you will call someone a ‘terrorist’, you will call someone a ‘PKK member’.

*You will call someone ‘traitor’. We experienced an incident of deception and deception today in Bayrampaşa during our visit to the market place. What I’m saying? I’m not saying ‘I want your vote’ to anyone. I wish you good luck. I wish you a fruitful market. I say ‘Have a blessed day’. I do not say to anyone there, ‘Give me the vote, we want your vote’, I swear, I do not say either.

* My wanderings are always like this in the market places. I want it in the squares. I want it on TV. It is different. Or I would like that in one-on-one political meetings. But since I’m walking around the market place as the Mayor, I treat people with courtesy. Now I entered like that, I said good luck. The first bench. Tradesmen… Not tradesmen, such tradesmen do not exist.

* He told me directly, ‘You are from the PKK. “I don’t want PKK members,” he said. I warned patiently. I insistently ‘You are from the PKK, you are side by side with the PKK…’ With such insistence… I said, ‘Then you are a PKK member’.


*I am ashamed to mention the name of a terrorist organization like this here. The person who said this to my face, that miserable deceived… Those who cheated on him are the real sinners. I do not sue someone from the society like this, what do I do; I’m looking for a solution.

*But I will sue him. I will fight for my right to the end. Sir, they are writing, I said to him, ‘Imoral, impolite’. What more can I say? Of course, immoral. Why? Friends, is it my place to talk about anyone’s national feelings here? Is it possible? Can a servant of God submit to this? What are we living for?

* Don’t we live for our family, for our home, for our country, for our nation, for our flag? Who are you to treat me as a member of a terrorist organization, a terrorist? But I’m going to sue that poor bastard.

*But do you know who my main account is with? The ones who made him say it. My account is with them. I will remove dozens of verses about lies, slander, and eating rights from the Qur’an, and I will read them to you here. But this is not the place.

*For God’s sake, a Muslim child, a Muslim, a member of our religion… But let me tell you, I’m not talking about those who sell religion, I’m talking about people with faith – I’m talking about those who are between their faith, their heart, and their heart with Allah.

Shame on those who made this nation live through what our beautiful faith calls such a great sin, for God’s sake, shame, shame, shame. And may God heal them. I refer them to God. May Allah protect this nation from their wrath. Protect our children.


* Let me tell you the difference. A minister who is working as a parliamentarian is currently in one of our districts… A minister himself announces from the microphone, “You are side by side with the PKK, shoulder to shoulder” to those who are protesting against him, saying ‘Rights, law, justice’ and opposing him. And then he does ‘ohhh ohhh’. They’re charlatans. I swear these are charlatans.

*These are bad people. May Allah protect this nation from their immorality. May he protect this nation from their behavior disorders. Really bless. Do not address your children or your children to them.

* Do not listen to them. They mislead people. They turn our people against each other. Do you know what they want? The person who lives in that house should not talk to the person in that house. If it is another party, if it is another party, do not greet each other. This apartment should not look at that apartment.

*Do you know what I worry about the most? We enter the market. We greet everyone. Some people have their heads bent forward. It’s like an enemy has arrived. Do you know why like that? That’s what they listen to, their hearts are covered with ice.


*Dear young people, love each other. Respect each other. Do not hesitate to listen to your ideas. Try to understand each other. You have no prejudice. You have a heart of diamonds and you are very intelligent. Dear young people, beautiful girls, beautiful handsome young men, you are the future of this nation. Do not be deceived by these. This choice is your choice. This is the choice of the future of the youth.

* They want to set the nation against each other. You hug each other out of spite. Hug each other. understand each other. Look, there are people of all ethnic backgrounds in this country. There are people of all faiths. My heart says to me, ‘Look Ekrem, if you distinguish even one person, if you leave even one person behind, you will fail. Shine a light on everyone.’ I will be more careful with those who do not vote for me to win their heart.

*Dear brother, I definitely agree that taxes should be spent on SMA patients and our children, not on the Palace. It’s not just SMA patients, there are other diseases and it’s very expensive.

* The desperation of these people makes me sad. This is the subject of both our presidential candidate and ours. We will definitely get this resolved. I congratulate you on your beautiful heart.


*I can tell you many of our services in Bayrampaşa. Look, we will quickly finish the construction of this square and mosque. We can describe many of our constructions. For example, we transformed Bayrampaşa Bus Station very nicely. It has now become a place where our people go to their library and stage. We cleaned up that mess. do you know what this is?

*An indication of what happens when the accumulated filth of years is cleaned. We will clean it for him. We have a lot to keep. We have very special important works that we will clean and protect, not only in Istanbul but in every corner of the country. In this election, we are not just electing a President.

*This selection; The choice to throw away a system, a system that has plagued us, set us against each other, destroyed our economy, ruined our justice, destroyed our justice system, destroyed merit, made everyone hopeless, and destroyed the hopes of young people for the future. We’re going to throw it in the trash. And together we will make this country, this dear state of ours, a state of rules and institutions.


* The troubles that befell this country are the result of that one-man government, where every subject is known by one person. In this respect, we will send that one-man administration and those who brought this administration to their homes.

*Yes, the days from that flower are very close. What are we going to do? Hopefully, the election will end right after 28 May and we will send Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu to Atatürk’s house, Çankaya. That’s why this system will go to waste. We will carry Turkey to a democratic level with a strengthened system that faces the nation, cares about the nation’s children, takes his words, his feelings and his experiences.

*This choice is his choice. This choice is actually a choice of recovery. A choice of change. This choice; Let it be a choice where honesty wins, kindness wins, and bravery wins. This choice; Let it be a choice that lies, conspiracy, blackmail and slander lose. Let’s get that. This is very important for the future of our country.

*We are the nation, the nation. We are the children of the Republic. We are a country that is fond of freedom, where every individual is strong, and where 86 million people are strong. We do not forget this. We are determined. We are working. We stand by our votes.

*We want it to be an election where social democracy and respect for each other win. Let it be an election that transforms and turns an enemy into a lost one. Together we can achieve this. I believe in you very much. Everything will be very nice.

Release date: 21:53, 25 May 2023

The article is in Turkish

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