Murder in Esenler: The allegation of pig tie

Murder in Esenler: The allegation of pig tie
Murder in Esenler: The allegation of pig tie

The lifeless body of a Pakistani national was found in an apartment where firefighters went after a fire was reported in Esenler district of Istanbul. DHA stated that this person was killed by the pig tie method.

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According to AA, firefighters went to the scene after the smoke was reported from the flat on the ground floor of the five-storey apartment on 903rd Street in Kemer Mahallesi. Upon seeing a person lying motionless at the address, the police and medical teams were informed.

In the examination of the teams that went to the scene, it was determined that a person named Muhammad Tahir Khan, who was a Pakistani national, died. Crime scene investigators also examined the apartment in detail.

Muhammad Tahir Khan’s body was later taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute.

According to DHA, Khan was found tied in a pig tie method. It was claimed that the fire occurred when documents belonging to Khan were thrown on the electric heater.

This information conveyed by DHA was not included in the news of AA.

DHA then includes the phrase pig tie. ‘legs and mouth tied’ he changed.

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