Netflix brought the password sharing ban to the USA: It’s time for Turkey

Netflix brought the password sharing ban to the USA: It’s time for Turkey
Netflix brought the password sharing ban to the USA: It’s time for Turkey
Netflix‘of to password sharing now, albeit belatedly, USA is starting to spread to its subscribers and other markets. According to Netflix’s new rules, US subscribers will have to kick users outside their homes from their Netflix accounts or pay a certain monthly fee for an additional membership.

Netflix bans password sharing in the US

The company offers tools to ease this transition, including tools for existing subscribers to see which devices are signed into their accounts and remove those they shouldn’t have access to, as well as reset their passwords. For those using someone else’s Netflix account, there’s a link to help them migrate their existing account information, including their watch history and watch lists. “Transfer Profile” They will be able to switch to their own accounts via the option.

If Netflix account if it will continue to be used jointly per person Extra $7.99 per month You will have to pay. Extra member accounts also have their own restrictions. They have to be active in the same country, they can only view or download content on one device at a time and cannot create an extra profile or log in as a Child profile.

Netflix started testing the feature first in Latin American markets, then later this year. Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spainhad expanded to . Netflix co-CEO Greg PetersIn the tests carried out according to cancellation response states that they saw it, but then users returned. The company reported net global subscriber growth of 1.75 million in the first quarter, which fell short of Wall Street’s estimates of 3 million, reaching a total of 232.5 million subscribers globally.

Netflix has released the new update about password sharing as a email started notifying its subscribers. In this statement, the company “One Netflix account is for use by a single household” he warns. In the post, “Anyone living in that house can use Netflix wherever they are – at home, on the go, on vacation – and enjoy new features like Profile Transfer and Access and Manage Devices” it’s called.

Password sharing ban will come to other countries

Netflix, email “Started to roll out sharing updates to countries around the world, including the US” It explains that it was sent for. However, considering that the most subscribers are in the USA to other markets such as Türkiye. password sharing restrictions soon We can say it will.

On the other hand, Netflix used to put a lot of emphasis on password sharing. In fact, in a famous tweet in 2017, Netflix said, “Love is sharing a password.”

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