The mother could not find her daughter in the room! Horrible incident in the backyard of the house

The mother could not find her daughter in the room! Horrible incident in the backyard of the house
The mother could not find her daughter in the room! Horrible incident in the backyard of the house

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning at 126 Şişli Kurtuluş Caddesi. Allegedly, her mother, who wanted to wake her 14-year-old daughter Nikol Odabaşı to go to school in the morning, entered her room. He saw that the little girl was not in the room. After that, mother Odabaşı, who was looking for her daughter in panic, found her 14-year-old little girl lying motionless in the backyard. It was understood that Armenian national Nikol Odabaşı, who was found to have fallen from the 6th floor, died at the scene. After it was understood that the little girl lost her life, Public Security and Crime Scene Investigation Teams were sent to the scene. While the public security teams created a security circle around, the crime scene investigation teams made investigations in the garden and house where the little girl fell. After the examinations, the body of the girl who lost her life was taken to the morgue of the Forensic Medicine Institute. The exact cause of death of the unfortunate girl will be revealed after the autopsy to be performed at the Forensic Medicine Institute.

Her mother thought her daughter was kidnapped

Saying that the deceased little girl was her granddaughter’s friend, Kıymet Atsız said, “I know her from school. Her mother got up in the morning and said they kidnapped my daughter. She looked left and right and then looked back. She said they kidnapped my daughter. She couldn’t find her inside the house. She saw her on the ground. We don’t know how she fell.”


It was learned that Nikol Odabaşı, who studied at the Feriköy Armenian School, won the first place in a short story contest he entered 3 years ago. In his story, Odabaşı tells the process of processing the tree to become a pen in a pathetic language, and then the pen that took its place on the shelves was bought by a little girl, the girl’s sister tried to break the pen by not liking it, but the resisting pen did not break and the girl wrote an interesting poem with that pen.

The expressions in Odabaşı’s story and his poetry drew attention;

“I was now an orange and pointed pen. He left me next to a notebook. The notebook was a small notebook with a pink cover. The girl opened the notebook. He took me in his hand. He was about to write something when his sister entered his room. The girl immediately showed me to her sister. Her sister said, ‘Find it, did you find it?’ he said and took me from the girl’s hand and tried to break me. I was trying so hard not to break. I finally made it, my sister threw me on the table in anger and went out. The girl took me and kissed me once more, then sat down at her desk and began to write a poem. The poem reads: ‘I have a pen, It blows me into my dreams, It can take me to space, I have a magic pen.’ He looked at me and I looked at him. She was very nice and kind to me. Now I was sure that I belonged to him and will always be his.

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