They beat him to death in his car, they said, ‘This isn’t it’ and fled.

They beat him to death in his car, they said, ‘This isn’t it’ and fled.
They beat him to death in his car, they said, ‘This isn’t it’ and fled.

The incredible incident occurred on Wednesday, March 15 at 15.00 on Etiler Mahallesi Kızılarık Caddesi. According to the information received, Kudbettin Kaya (52) who was going to his house with his car, blocked his way while he was going to enter the street from the street. Unidentified 4 people getting out of the vehicle allegedly started beating Kaya for no reason. Kaya, who was kicked and punched in the head in the car he drove, fell to the ground in blood.

While separating the people around the fight, the persons left the scene with the car they came from. The medical teams, who came to the scene upon the notification of the people around, took Kaya to the hospital. Having received a report of assault, Kaya filed a complaint against the suspects. The suspects, whose statements were taken at the police station, were released.


Explaining the event, Kaya said, “I was coming home to buy bread. At the intersection, the horn sounded behind me. ‘Is there an emergency?’ I asked. They said, ‘You will see what happened now,’ and broke the car in front of me. First, 2 people entered my car, then 2 more people came. They hit me in the face with kicks and punches. Then they said, ‘This isn’t it’ and left. I don’t know the people, we had no problems in traffic either. In their statements to the police, they said that I cursed. My eardrum is ruptured. I have filed a complaint and I will not give up on my case,” he said.



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