Martyrs Commemorated in Nevsehir

Martyrs Commemorated in Nevsehir
Martyrs Commemorated in Nevsehir

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Nevsehir Governor Inci Sezer Becel, provincial protocol, relatives of martyrs, veterans and citizens attended the first ceremony held in Nevsehir Martyrdom.

After the wreath laying ceremony, a round of respect was given by the soldiers. Nevsehir Governor Inci Sezer Becel said that the Çanakkale Victory is a victory that is rare in the world.

Governor Becel, with the motto “Çanakkale is impassable”, is the symbol of a nation’s total resistance. A victory that is a symbol of not hurting the enemies with its youth, students, women and men. He has proven once again that he will not surrender their lands to the darkness, regardless of whether they are male or female, young or old, to the treacherous coup attempt that wants to bury them. always protect our flag,” he said.

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