Smoke curtain rises in downed PKK helicopter

Smoke curtain rises in downed PKK helicopter
Smoke curtain rises in downed PKK helicopter

The smokescreen is being lifted regarding the helicopter crash on the Turkey-Iraq border, involving senior executives of the terrorist organization PKK.

Important information was obtained in the studies carried out by Turkey’s Consulate in Erbil, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the MIT with the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government.

It has been determined that the MIT and TAF have decided to transport the critical staff of the terrorist organization by helicopter, instead of land transportation, in interregional crossings due to the SİHA operations, which target terrorist organization executives in northern Iraq and Syria almost every other day.

Regarding this, Bafel Talabani, the son of Celal Talabani, who visited northern Syria three months ago, met with PKK member Ferhad Abdi Şahin, code-named Mazlum Kobani, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces ringleader.


The General Commander of the International Coalition Forces, US General Matthew McFarlane also attended this meeting.

During the 3-way meeting, support came from Bafel Talabani to the SDF leader for the helicopter used within the PUK to be used in air traffic between Syria and Qandil.

In this meeting, which took place 3 months ago, photographs of Ebdo Ahmad Ebdi, code-named Şervan Kobani, who died in the helicopter that crashed and learned to be Mazloum Kobani’s nephew, took selfies with Bafel Talabani in the helicopter.


Terrorist Shervan Kobani reportedly received piloting training in Syria’s Deir Ezzor region. It was revealed by the identification and statements of the captured terrorists that he carried out flights with the US soldiers in Syria, together with Çiya Muhammed, code-named Azad Simi, one of the responsibles of the organization.

Talabani, in a forum he attended recently, expressed his discomfort about the KDP’s cooperation with Turkey and called for “Let’s reconcile Turkey and the PKK”.

It was determined that the helicopter that fell was a helicopter used by KYB, and that the second helicopter lost its track on the radar with a low flight.


It has been reported that 9 terrorists from the so-called Anti-Terrorist Unit, whose short name is YAT, and who were specially trained by the US and the coalition forces established against ISIS in Syria, came to Sulaymaniyah to cross to the Balakayati Camp in Qandil from the north of Syria.

It has been determined that the second helicopter will pick up a high-level PKK group in the Helgurt and Kanicengi Camps located within the borders of Kandil, near the Ranya town of Süleymaniye, and land them in the Gara region near Duhok, and some high-level PKK members to be taken from here are tried to pass to Kandil.

It has been noted that the terrorist organization received support from the PUK in order to remove the executive cadres, who had been trapped for a long time, in the Amediye region, which is the Claw Lock operation region.


It turned out that the forces affiliated with the KDP did not even allow the terrorist organization PKK to take a step in the region, and even if they did, they resorted to this method because of the insecurity of land travel due to SİHA operations.

While the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government reached 7 completely burned corpses in the area where the wreckage was removed, the terrorist organization PKK announced that 9 high-ranking terrorists who had been in charge of Raqqa, Deir Ez Zor and Ayn Al Arab (Kobani) regions, who had undergone special training, died.

In the second helicopter, power exchange will be made between Qandil and Gara.


The names of the 9 executive terrorists who died in the crashed helicopter are as follows:

Ebdo Ahmad Abdi codenamed Şervan Kobani, Nejbir Mahmood Hemdo codenamed Faraşin Baran, Hamdiye Seydo codenamed Didar Derik, Berfin Bilal Rıfat codenamed Rojeng, Renan Izzeddin Ali codenamed Xebat, Hadi Hamduş Zahir codenamed Doğan Afrin, Mecid codenamed Harun Rojava Süleyman Mouhammad, Ela Adnan Hamud codenamed Hogir and Diveş Ahmaad Ömer codenamed Koçer.


When the terrorist organization PKK got stuck in the areas controlled by the KDP, especially after the cross-border Claw series operations, the PKK intensified its activities mainly in and around Sulaymaniyah, which was controlled by the PUK. Sulaymaniyah has strategic importance. Because it is located 10 kilometers from the camps in Mount Kandil. Terrorist organization leaders are running around in Ranya, Köysancak, Çemçemal and Seyid Sadık districts.

Release date: 12:29, 18 March 2023

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