Some houses flooded the lower floors.

Some houses flooded the lower floors.
Some houses flooded the lower floors.

Citizens living on the lower floors of some houses had a hard time in the region where the sewers were overflowing and the rain waters were effective in the Varlık Mahallesi of Yenimahalle district.

While the water level in the warehouse on the lower floor of the Özdemir Apartment in the region rose by half, the furniture in the downstairs apartment of the adjacent apartment became unusable.

Aydın Ünlü, whose house was flooded, said that this situation is common and that many apartments in the neighborhood were flooded after the rain. Famous, “Our garage, our house is full of water. The ground floor of the building next door is full of water for one and a half meters. The fire brigade comes and pulls it out. I called two hours ago. For the fourth time, our apartments are flooded with sewage. We don’t know what to do anymore.” said.

Noting that he is trying to reach the authorities regarding the sewerage network, Ünlü said, “I called the metropolitan municipality about the sewer in the garden. Maybe 10 days later, there is a record there. No one has come and looked yet. We have vehicles in the garage, I have a motorcycle.” he said.

The residents of the neighborhood stated that they had infrastructure problems and asked the authorities to solve their problems.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality firefighters, who came to the scene upon the notice, started working in the region. (AA)

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