14.129 Earthquake Victims Healed in Kayseri

14.129 Earthquake Victims Healed in Kayseri
14.129 Earthquake Victims Healed in Kayseri

Mehmet Erşan said that 14 thousand 129 injured and sick people brought to the city after the earthquakes on 6 February were admitted to the health facilities and said, “A total of 1,162 surgeries have been performed so far.”

After the 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaraş on February 6 and affected 11 provinces, thousands of injured earthquake victims were transferred to Kayseri, which is close to the region. Provincial Health Director Dr. While the hospitals in the city were prepared in a short time with the coordination of Mehmet Erşan, 14 thousand 129 earthquake victims, injured and patients were treated in various hospitals so far. In addition, in the city where 1,162 earthquake victims were operated on, on-site health services were provided for earthquake victims staying in dormitories. Providing information about the studies, Provincial Health Director Dr. Mehmet Erşan said that work started in a short time after the earthquake and said, “As the Kayseri Provincial Health Directorate, we were transferred to the disaster coordination center right after the earthquake. We quickly sent our UMKE and 112 teams to the region. Due to their proximity, firstly from Pınarbaşı and Sarız, and then from We directed our teams in the center to the region. We sent our mobile 112 command vehicle to the region together with our friends, as there would be a need in the region. Our teams that reached the region showed efforts for the first response of the injured. Also, because the earthquake was so severe, it was necessary to take precautions for many injured people who would come to our city. We quickly started to take precautions in our hospitals together with our chief physicians. There would be a need for intensive care unit and surgeries would be performed. By stopping non-urgent planned surgeries, intensive care capacity was created and we also reduced the burden of polyclinic and service. Yinr emergency services were added We supported the personnel with equipment and medical supplies, and increased the empty service bed capacity. The additional intensive care capacity that will be needed after the emergency response to the injured coming from the earthquake area was created in the first moments. Our surgeons and other healthcare professionals focused on these areas as they would work intensively in our operating rooms. In this process, we have intervened in all the wounded who came to our city with the additional capacities created in our hospitals. Thankfully, we did not experience any congestion or problems. Some of the cases were very severe. Since the earthquake started, 14 thousand 129 earthquake victims have been accepted so far. The number of inpatients in the first period was very high, but now we have 229 earthquake victims, 55 of whom are in intensive care units, who are being treated in hospitals. “To date, a total of 1,162 surgeries have been performed,” he said.

Health workers did not leave earthquake victims alone in dormitories

Noting that the health services of the earthquake survivors staying in the dormitories were not disrupted, Erşan said, “We had a large number of earthquake victims who came to our city from the region by their own means. Most of these earthquake victims were placed in dormitories. They would also need health services. These services were provided on-site in coordination with the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies at the point of prescribing medications for those with chronic diseases, the follow-up of our pregnant women and babies, and psycho-social support. With the coordination of our Chamber of Pharmacists, the medicines that our earthquake victims needed were provided and brought to the relevant areas so that they would not be a burden in a city they do not know. Again, these services were provided through our 112 emergency health services stations,” he said.

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