Ulusoy had emotional moments in his candidacy statement.

Party members gathered at the AK Party Edirne Provincial Presidency building, greeted Ulusoy with applause. The crowd that filled the hall experienced emotional moments during Ulusoy’s speech. In addition, while the citizens shouted slogans such as “Edirne is proud of you”, Ulusoy could not hold back their tears.

Saying that they are experiencing great excitement as they approach the last days of their candidacy for parliamentary candidacy, AK Party Edirne Provincial Vice President Rasim Özgün said, “We always say it is a matter of the country. To give heart to the country, to serve. volunteering, being a member, being a neighborhood, then being a city council, a provincial council, and then a deputy, going up. What is it all? It’s the work of people who are in love with service. Lots of sacrifices. by sacrificing his wife. The white passengers of AK love are such people. We have no doubt about that.”

“The sun will rise differently in Turkey on May 15”

Özgün said that whenever the country would stand up, they would definitely make a dent. Together, we will support the AK Party and the People’s Alliance. We will emerge victorious from May 14. The sun will rise differently in Turkey on May 15,” he said.

“We are strong together”

Bahattin Ulusoy stated that they have been going through a difficult period for several years with pandemics, wars and the latest earthquake and flood: “Our state, our nation is going through a great test. We are all going through a big test. But together we will get through this test too. Because together we are together. We are strong. If we are strong together, these days will pass. I hope we will come out of this test stronger,” he said.

Ulusoy stated that as a soldier of the AK Party, it is not a matter of being somewhere or not being somewhere, and underlined that they will always fight together in this sacred duty.

“We open a horizon to young people”

Stating that they opened a new horizon to the youth, Ulusoy said, “Whether you like it or not, you will say that Bahattin is our neighborhood boy, but when you are talking somewhere, I am someone you are secretly proud of. “It’s time to run together with Tayyip Erdogan. I hope it’s time to support our President on this path he embarked on, and to enlarge our dreams. Today is the day to shout out. It’s the day to say we exist, too. We will walk the path together in unity and solidarity from now on.”

After his statement, Ulusoy greeted the citizens attending the meeting one by one and asked for support.

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