New development regarding the scandalous incident

New development regarding the scandalous incident
New development regarding the scandalous incident

Atatürk Stadium, where matches have been played since 1974 in Elazig, was rebuilt and it was stated that the name of the stadium would be “New Atatürk Stadium”, but the new stadium was named “Elazig Stadium” instead of Atatürk.

Although it was stated that the name ‘Atatürk’ was not added inadvertently after the public reaction increased, it was learned that no correction was made in this regard.

The provincial director remained silent.

According to the news in Sözcü, Elazig Provincial Youth and Sports Director Abdulsamet Eren, regarding the removal of the name ‘Atatürk’ from the stadium and the hanging of the ‘Elazig Stadium’ sign, said, “We want to make all our works and preparations relevant to the stadium and present it to the service of our city. All other issues are the decisions that our state elders will make, I have nothing to say about these issues,” he said.

AKP MKYK member and Elazig Deputy Metin Bulut said, “The Elazig Stadium sign is a sign that was hung inadvertently. The old name will be preserved.” However, despite this statement, it turned out that Atatürk’s name was not added to the sign.

Administrative process will be started

Regarding the scandalous incident, CHP Elazig Deputy Gürsel Erol met with the Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Kasapoğlu to have the name “Atatürk” added to the stadium again. Erol, who met with Kasapoğlu, explained the details of the meeting as follows:

“Our esteemed minister also stated that there is a regulation on naming a stadium and sports facility and it should be given by the decision of the commission. He said that the Elazig stadium is not just a stadium and that a name evaluation will be made before the opening ceremony of a sports complex.

He said that the Elazig stadium sign, which is currently hanging in the stadium, should not be considered as the name of the stadium and that this name will be closed as soon as possible from this sign and the related administrative process will be carried out. I would like to thank the Minister for his sincerity regarding the solution of this problem.

I would like to share with the public that we will follow the process to correct this ugliness in the Elazig Atatürk stadium, which witnessed the history of sports in the Atatürkist and statist Elazığ, and that we will be a follower of this event so that the name of Atatürk is written on the stadium sign again as soon as possible.

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