Greenhouse incentive for farmers – YURT

Greenhouse incentive for farmers – YURT
Greenhouse incentive for farmers – YURT

BALIKESIR (IGFA) – In Balıkesir, where greenhouse cultivation is carried out on an area of ​​1,100 decares; In order to renew the greenhouses of the growers whose covers have become old and unusable, and to continue production, greenhouse nylon distribution was carried out by the Governorship, the Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry within the scope of the “Balıkesir Province Plastic Greenhouse Covers Renewal Project”. To be used in an area of ​​285 thousand square meters in 19 districts; With a total support of 5 Million Liras given to 353 producers with a 70 percent grant, greenhouse nylons are renewed and contribution is made to production. In this context, 97 thousand 451 kilograms of plastic greenhouse nylon were delivered to the producers at the ceremony held in Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Paşaalanı Additional Service Building.
Karesi Mayor Dinçer Orkan thanked Mayor Yücel Yılmaz for their support to the producers engaged in greenhouse activities and wished them good luck.“BALIKESIR HAS A PERFECT CLIMATE FOR GREENHOUSE”
The project with a cost of approximately 5 Million Liras; Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Erkan Alkan stated that they are happy to implement it together with Balıkesir Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality.When we presented this project to our Metropolitan Municipality, they said let’s implement it immediately. Our project was concluded in 1.5 months with the contributions of our Honorable Deputy Belgin Uygur. Balıkesir has a perfect climate for greenhouse cultivation and appeals to 35 million consumers due to its location. Our Ministry is establishing the world’s largest geothermal greenhouse with 8 thousand decares in Gönen. In the continuation of this; We will continue in Bigadiç, Kepsut, Gökçeyazı and Altıeylül. Our infrastructure work continues. When our projects come to life, no one can hold Balıkesir.” said.
“We will add abundance to the fertility of our land.” Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yücel Yılmaz stated that they left saying,This is our vision of agriculture and our view of agriculture. We are determined to succeed and grow the bread. For this reason, we continue to stand by our producers and increase our agricultural diversity with grants and supports. We are working with the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture. With rational planning and the right touches, we take steps to protect our local producers and ensure that they are fed in the place where they were born.” said.“TOGETHER WE WILL PRODUCE, TOGETHER WE WILL STRENGTHEN”
Together with the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and the Balıkesir Governorate; President Yücel Yılmaz said that they provided 97 thousand 451 kilograms of greenhouse nylon, 70 percent of which was a grant, to 353 producers in 19 districts.Our aim; to reduce your input costs and to ensure that you can produce the needed healthy food products. We want; Obtain products with high market value by producing in modern greenhouses. I care a lot about your job as mayor. We will produce together, we will grow stronger together. As you get stronger, the city will get stronger. Together, we will protect the air, water and soil of this city. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and the value you add to our city.Expressing that Balıkesir has a very high agricultural potential, AK Party Deputy Chairman and Balıkesir Deputy Belgin Uygur thanked the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality for their support to the producer. order; AK Party Deputy Chairman and also Balıkesir Deputy Belgin Uygur, Altıeylül Mayor Hasan Avcı, Karesi Mayor Dinçer Orkan, Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Erkan Alkan, AK Party district chairman and producers attended.

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