13 She Had Surgery, She Is Learning To Read And Write In Her Bed

13 She Had Surgery, She Is Learning To Read And Write In Her Bed
13 She Had Surgery, She Is Learning To Read And Write In Her Bed

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Unable to continue her education when she was a first year primary school student and her mother moved to Istanbul after her death, Öztürk devoted her life to helping her husband, who ran a bakery, and raising her children after her marriage. Returning to her hometown of Amasya years after her husband’s death, Öztürk, the mother of 5 children, decided to start her childhood education again, and went to Amasya Sehit Mehmet Gök Public Education Center. Increasing health problems could not prevent his education, which he started with enthusiasm. She had a total of 13 operations on her feet. He had a platinum attached to his leg. When he announced that he would not be able to continue his education during this process, which he was trying to cope with as well as his pain, his teacher’s morale increased when he replied ‘I will come to his house’. She improved her literacy with the continuation of her lessons.

Öztürk, who shared his happiness with Amasya National Education Director Mehmet Türkmen, who visited his lecture, which was held in his hospital bed at home, said, “I did not know the address. I was getting on the wrong buses. I even had to go to the hospital with my child. Because I couldn’t read the doctor’s names. Now I go anywhere by myself,” he said.

Congratulating the determined woman who called for the illiterate to benefit from the opportunities offered by the state, Director of National Education Türkmen said that the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of National Education set a good example for the understanding of ‘education for everyone, anytime, anywhere’.

Hayriye Tüfekçi, Director of the National Education Branch, and İbrahim Özarslan, Director of Sehit Mehmet Gök Public Education Center, also took part in the visit.

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