The best-selling SUV models in Turkey by 2023!

The best-selling SUV models in Turkey by 2023!
The best-selling SUV models in Turkey by 2023!

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The preferences of Turkish people, who preferred more sedan and hatchback models in previous periods, have changed today. Turkish people now more like crossover or SUV models. This list is for you. January and February of 2023 We have listed the best-selling SUV models in the month.

The best selling SUVs of 2023!

According to the sales figures announced by the Automotive Distributors Association, the first best-selling 5 SUVswith room 2023 Here’s what happened in January and February:

1-Fiat Egea Cross

Launched as the crossover version of the Fiat Egea Sedan, which was offered for sale with the slogan “Out of the box sedan”, Cross is added to our list. 5736 enters from the first row with the number of sales.

2- Dacia Duster

Renault’s beloved subsidiary brand Dacia It enters the 2nd row of the list with its model. 5083 Duster, which takes the 2nd place in terms of sales, tries to appeal to everyone with its affordable price principle.

3- Volkswagen T-Roc

Volkswagen, the best-selling representative of the VAG group in Turkey, entered the list with the C-class SUV model T-Roc at the 3rd place. The model, which sold 3120 units in the first two months of 2023, seems to be a good choice for Volkswagen customers who love SUVs.

4-Peugeot 3008

The French representative Peugeot enters the list of best-selling SUVs at the 4th place thanks to the 3008. It draws attention with its unique design of 3008, of which 2570 were sold in total.

5-Hyundai Bayon

Korean representative Hyundai is trying to sit back on its throne in the Ix35 era with its new SUV models. Hyundai, whose success in the SUV field has declined due to increasing prices, entered the 5th place in the list with the affordable Bayon model. In January and February, a total of 2403 new Bayons hit the roads.

2024 new Volkswagen Passat has been displayed!

Spy photos of the 2024 make-up model of Volkswagen Passat, nicknamed the “tribal package”, which is very popular in Turkey, have emerged. Here are the details

While Renault dominated the lists in the past, no models from the Renault family entered the lists for January and February 2023. When we look at the vehicles on the list, we see more affordable models for their own customer base, rather than luxury SUVs. What do you think are the reasons? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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