Tokat Municipality planted 300 saplings

Tokat Municipality planted 300 saplings
Tokat Municipality planted 300 saplings

Tokat Municipality brought together 300 saplings with soil in the area between Gaziosmanpaşa University and TOKİ Junction.

In his statement, Tokat Mayor Eyüp Eroğlu said that 300 saplings of needlepoint, ornamental apple, ornamental cherry, redbud, marshmallow and ornamental pear were brought together with the soil.

Stating that they plant saplings as always during tree planting seasons, Eroğlu said, “With the Green Tokat principle, we care about increasing the green areas in our city and bringing the trees that will breathe our city into our city at every possible point. Where there is green, there is beauty and plenty of oxygen. Protecting our nature, a beautiful city for the future.” “In order to leave a beautiful world, I invite our citizens to bring the saplings together with the soil in suitable places in their own areas. With our work, we have presented the beauty of green in the region to our city, starting from the university to the TOKİ Junction. Our green field works and sapling planting will continue.” used the phrases.

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