The First Defendant in the Murder of the Secretary General Appears Before the Judge 10 Years Later

The First Defendant in the Murder of the Secretary General Appears Before the Judge 10 Years Later
The First Defendant in the Murder of the Secretary General Appears Before the Judge 10 Years Later

Within the framework of the investigation carried out regarding the murder of Kastamonu University’s former Secretary General Muhiddin Sağlam in 2012, the first defendant appeared before the judge 10 years later. An empty cartridge case from the gun used in the murder of the secretary general, who was killed after an armed attack in front of his house, was found in the house of the accused, whose house was searched within the framework of the FETO investigation.

Muhiddin Sağlam, former Secretary General of Kastamonu University, died in December 2012 as a result of an armed attack when he came to his home on Safalan Street, where he resided. On 25 July 2016, MT’s house was searched due to the FETÖ/PDY armed terrorist organization investigation. During the search, a large number of empty gun cartridges were found in the encrypted bag. It was determined that one of the shells, whose ballistics were examined, was from the gun used in the murder of the former Secretary General of Kastamonu University Muhittin Sağlam. Thereupon, a lawsuit was filed against MT in the Kastamonu High Criminal Court on the charge of “deliberate killing”.

“I was framed”

The lawsuit filed against MT in Kastamonu High Criminal Court has started. MT, who was tried pending trial, claimed that a conspiracy had been set up against him, and said, “Both they and I were victims. A conspiracy was set against me. I was arrested on 3 December. I was not informed even though I was not guilty of anything. I was treated as a criminal.”

“I bought these hives out of curiosity”

Claiming that he didn’t put the hive in the bag himself, MT said, “I’ve been trying to explain it for months. This hive was put in later. A caliper was set up for me. If you go through this hive, the real culprit will be revealed. The hives that came out of my house are the hives from private security companies and the hives I took training shots. I was curious about these hives. “I bought 12 guns. These guns were not inspected,” he said.

Requesting an examination of the weapons and hives that he was training during his tenure in Mardin and Kastamonu, MT said: “These hives belong to private security companies.

“FETO sacrificed me to this event”

Stating that he was trying to fall on the incident himself, MT said, “FETO chose me. It sacrificed me. Because there is a professional murder. They are trying to pin the incident on me. If the person who put this hive is found, it will be revealed. I’m innocent. The case will be resolved,” he said.

“I saw two people in the garden of my house on the day of the incident, I drew their sketches”

Hatice Sağlam, the wife of Muhittin Sağlam, who was killed in front of her house, stated that she complained about the accused and said, “I did not see it when the incident was taking place. But I saw two people in the garden of my house. I had robot pictures of them drawn. I demand a comparison.”

“We expect the event to be illuminated in all its dimensions”

The lawyer of the complainant, Akif Güzel, stated that the investigation into the murder in 2012 is still continuing, and said, “The murder of the secretary general of the university has remained unsolved until today. The chief of police, the head of the court and the chief prosecutor of that time were expelled from FETÖ. Muhittin Sağlam took part in the tenders at the university. He was looking at him and he was afraid. He even thought about asking for a transfer. That’s why we think it was an organized murder. Because FETO is an armed terrorist organization, we saw this on July 15. We think he can do it in 2012. No one has the opportunity to put a case in a coded bag. “We want the truth to be revealed. The accused is on trial for FETO. He hides a bullet from the gun used in the incident in his house. We think it is against the ordinary course of life. We expect the incident to be clarified,” he said. .

The court board postponed the hearing to 27 April in order to eliminate the deficiencies in the case.

“We want the perpetrators of the incident to be found”

Seyfettin Sağlam, who started a petition for his father Muhittin Sağlam, who was killed in 2019, said in a statement after the hearing, “My father was shot in 2012. A lawsuit was filed for the first time in 10 years. From now on, we will follow the hearings. We will see what kind of decision will be made. A lawsuit was filed after 10 years, “We will see what the future will show. We want the perpetrators of the incident to be found. I feel very stressed, I do not feel well. I am hopeful for the future, I trust justice.”

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