Turkey speaks to this adviser… Jeremy Rifkin’s secret connections – News

Turkey speaks to this adviser… Jeremy Rifkin’s secret connections – News
Turkey speaks to this adviser… Jeremy Rifkin’s secret connections – News

The relationship between Jeremy Rifkin, whom CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu declared as his advisor today, with Carles Puigdemon, the former president of Catalonia, has emerged.

When Carles Puigdemon was the president of Catalonia from 2016-2017, he decided on a referendum for the region to gain independence from Spain.

Although the Spanish Constitutional Court declared the referendum unlawful and canceled it, Carles declared the independence of Catalonia after the referendum with 43% turnout.

As a result of this decision, after the dismissal of Carles, the Catalan citizens took the streets of Spain together.


According to the news of Catalan News, before the uprising of the Catalans in 2017, Carles had invited Jeremy Rifkin, whose name came to the fore again today, to a conference in Spain by giving 50 thousand Euros.

It was claimed that the said fee was provided to Carles by Soros.

At the conference he attended, Rifkin talked about the need for Catalonia to leave Spain and what needs to be done. The demonstrations that started in Barcelona after the conference in question spread all over Catalonia in a short time.

As a result of this rebellion suppressed by the Spanish government, the rebellion organized by Soros failed, and the Catalan president Carles was arrested.

However, the defense team of Carles, who fled to Belgium, consisted of lawyers organized by the legal unit of Soros.

On the other hand, Rifkin showed himself in Germany as well as Spain. Rifkin was an advisor to former German Chancellor Merkel. In this process, Rifkin “People should give up livestock completely” He used expressions like

Rifkin, who is also a writer,How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World” The book was translated into Turkish and put on sale in our country. The book emphasizes environmentally friendly and sustainable economic models by mentioning the damage done by energy fuels such as oil and fossils to the world.


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