Finnish Erasmus student tore up 5 Turkish Liras! Caught in Ankara

Images of a Finnish suspect making fun of the Turkish lira garnered reactions on social media.


In a TikTok video uploaded to social media by a user with the pseudonym Santamarini2, it is seen that a foreign national in the room threw Turkish liras in his hand on the bed mockingly. The suspect, who later received 5 TL from the coins he threw, “look, look. This is no Money” he tore the 5 TL bill with a laugh. While another person was recording those moments that reacted, “Santamarini2″ The suspect, a foreign national with a pseudonym, served on social media.


While the person in question was throwing the money he was holding onto the bed, “I’m rich nigga, rich nigga“The images of the foreign national became the agenda in a short time on social media.

It was determined that the suspect in question was a social media phenomenon and had more than 37 thousand followers on TikTok.


After the scandalous images garnered a great reaction, the Ankara Police Department said in a statement on its social media account that 2 Finnish citizens from Mogadishu, who shared by tearing the Turkish Lira, were killed. in Yenimahalle He stated that he was arrested and taken into custody and legal action was initiated against them.

Erhan Ceylan – Editor

News 7 - Erhan Ceylan

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