‘Teachers’ Day’ celebration from TED Edirne College students

‘Teachers’ Day’ celebration from TED Edirne College students
‘Teachers’ Day’ celebration from TED Edirne College students

The program held in the conference hall of TED Edirne College started with a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem.

The video screening prepared for the teachers was watched with interest. Afterwards, speeches were made about the meaning and importance of the day. In the program held at TED Edirne College on the occasion of November 24 Teachers’ Day, the youngest teacher of the school, Berat Şahin, and the most experienced teacher, Neşen Elmas, shared the meaning and excitement of being a teacher. The importance of the teaching profession was emphasized with various events held at TED Edirne College on the occasion of November 24 Teachers’ Day. The mini-concert of the school choir and the corridor concert of primary and kindergarten students were also watched with interest and recorded on the phones.

“Teachers are our guides on the way to good, truth and innovation”

TED Edirne College Founder Nesim İba, who made a statement within the framework of 24 November Teachers’ Day, stated that teachers are the architects of generations who will enlighten the future and the guarantee of a bright future.

Emphasizing that teachers are guides on the road to good, truth and innovation, Iba celebrated the 24 November Teachers’ Day of all teachers, stating that teachers are the most respected elements of a nation.

Speaking about the meaning and importance of the day, Berat Şahin stated that teachers are people who learn while teaching. Neşen Elmas, one of the most experienced teachers of TED Edirne College, shared her experiences in the teaching profession.

Neşen Elmas said that a teacher continued to do her duty from the day she started her career until the end of her life. “What makes a teacher immortal is the good education of his student. “A loving teacher means light. Children are prepared for the future around that light, “Teachers are the future of this country,” he said.

“We must educate our students as we want to see the future”

Elmas stated that as teachers, they create lively works by helping their students to grow up as cultured, virtuous and beneficial people for the society. “When we see that these living works of ours are brought up with human values, we get the moral equivalent of this. No profession in the world is as spiritually satisfying as teaching. Children show success in education and training according to the rate of liking their teachers. We must raise the future we want to see. First of all, we should think about our teachers who left a mark on us and act accordingly. The teacher should constantly improve himself, follow the innovations closely, and always protect the honor and honor of his profession. Our future will be brighter in proportion to the value we place on education and teachers. Let your path be the path of modern civilization drawn by Atatürk in the light of the TED torch. he said.

Ozlem Ceylan

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