2nd OSB meeting at Etso | Erzurum News News

2nd OSB meeting at Etso | Erzurum News News
2nd OSB meeting at Etso | Erzurum News News

Governor Okay Memiş, Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen and AK Party Provincial President Mehmet Emin Öz paid a congratulatory visit to the Erzurum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETSO) management. A meeting was held with the participation of its members.

Erzurum – At the meeting held at the ETSO Board of Directors Hall, the issue of eliminating the grievances of the investors in the 2nd OIZ 1st Stage was discussed. In the meeting, where possible works on this subject were discussed, it was decided to organize a consultation meeting at ETSO on Friday, November 25 at 10:00 with the participation of the investors in the 1st Stage.

At the meeting, the SPP investment planned to be made in the area where the 1st and 2nd Stages of the 2nd OIZ are located was also on the agenda. Saim Özakalın, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ETSO, who gave information on the subject, stated that they received promises of support from Governor Okay Memiş, Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen and AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Emin Öz for the SPP investment;

“The feasibility studies required for the establishment of SPP in the existing 2nd Organized Industrial Zone (216 hectares) area on Pasinler road have been completed. An investment of approximately 80 million dollars and the investment amount required for our current area, which is quite suitable for the establishment of a power plant that can reach 100 MWa power over time, has been completed by businessmen from Erzurum. We are grateful to our Governor, Metropolitan Mayor and AK Party Provincial Chairman for their support in this regard. This investment will also be an important milestone for the development of partnership culture in our province. As a result of the problems that occurred on the ground of the OIZ area, the construction on the existing site was stopped. Subsequently, after the allocation of 1.5 million square meters of land allocated to the military on the Aziziye (Ilıca) road to our Organized Industrial Zone, we quickly started and continue the infrastructure works. We have received it, and the necessary procedures are being carried out at full speed to obtain the remaining part.” Source: UAV

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