Turkey’s energy and environmental technologies fair opened in Ankara

Turkey’s energy and environmental technologies fair opened in Ankara
Turkey’s energy and environmental technologies fair opened in Ankara

ENTECH – Sustainability and Zero Waste Fair & Congress, organized by CNR Holding as the biggest fair of Eurasia in the field of environmental technologies and urbanism, was opened in Ankara. Hosted by Ceyda Erem, the Chairman of the Board of CNR Holding, Mustafa Yılmaz, the Chairman of the Energy Market Regulatory Board, Gürsel Baran, the Chairman of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, and Hasan Mandal, the President of TÜBİTAK, the fair was visited by the new generation cities from the new generation cities to the benches that store solar energy, the ones that can generate energy from wastes. Many products from the facility to recycled blankets are on display. Developed by Dokuz Eylül University and made of plastic bottles, the blankets are used by students in all dormitories of the university.

The fair, which is also supported by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and TUBITAK, will present energy, solid waste, water and wastewater technologies, bioenergy, waste collection and transportation vehicles, recycling systems, recovery facilities and products, renewable energy and technologies, urban environmental cleaning vehicles sector. operating companies display products.

The companies that will participate in the ENTECH Fair with the latest technology and services, establish new trade networks for themselves by communicating with public institution managers, local government representatives, SME and private sector decision makers, environmental technology vehicle and equipment manufacturers, industrialists, and organized industrial zone officials. .

“We are realizing ENTECH Fair for a livable future”

CNR Holding Chairman of the Board Ceyda Erem, who stated that the environmental investments that need to be made to prevent climate change, especially in the last century, constitute the most important agenda of the states, and said, “Many countries, including Turkey, provide energy, environmental technologies, recycling for a livable future. and makes significant R&D investments in the field of zero waste. The biggest representatives of the private sector are also undertaking very important projects for environmental technologies and zero waste practices, which have begun to shape the management policies of developed and developing countries. CNR Holding assumed this responsibility in the field of fair organization. ENTECH Fair, which we have realized to provide a livable future, has been the most prestigious platform of the industry, giving clues to the clean future, which is the greatest legacy we will leave to our children.

“We can prevent our dependence on foreign energy”

Expressing that it is very important to prevent Turkey’s foreign dependency in the field of energy, Turkish-German Investment Association President Gencay Koyunbaşoğlu said, “With the investments to be made in the field of sustainable energy, we can prevent our country’s foreign dependence in the field of energy. As an investment association, we attach great importance to biomass energy investments and carry out important projects. Public institutions also have significant investments in this field. It is very important to approach clean energy as a social responsibility project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ceyda Erem, CNR Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has implemented a very good project,” he said.

“We are the first district where the zero waste project is implemented”

Saying that Kızılcıhamam is the first pilot city district in the field of zero waste in Turkey, Kızılcıhamam Mayor Süleyman Acar said, “The first zero waste project was implemented in our district under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The first practices in this area are also being implemented in our district. I would like to thank CNR Holding very much for this beautiful project in this field, which is very important for Turkey. This fair allows us to open our horizons”.

Zero Waste Congress will shed light on the future

Zero Waste Congress, which will be held simultaneously with ENTECH – Sustainability and Zero Waste Fair between 23-26 November, will host the world’s most important academics who are dedicated to the clean environment and the future.

Bureaucrats, academics, environmental associations and students will follow the ENTECH Zero Waste Congress, which will be held at the ATO Congress and Exhibition Center. In addition to foreign academicians, the most important academicians raised by Turkey on the environment and zero waste will attend the ENTECH Zero Waste Congress as speakers. Zero Waste Congress will also shed light on the future of the industry.

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