“Bring the patient to the operating room!” Stolen engine sale with password – Last Minute Turkey News

The teams of the Provincial Police Department Public Security Branch Office Auto Theft Bureau determined that the stolen motorcycles in Bursa’s Osmangazi, Nilüfer and Yıldırım districts were brought to the warehouse looking like a repair shop in the Hamitler District.

After the technical and physical follow-up, the teams, who determined that the chassis numbers of the motorcycles brought here were deleted and sold as whole or in pieces, encountered a remarkable sight after raiding the warehouse.

During the searches at the warehouse, 7 motorcycles in different colors and models with a total market value of 500 thousand liras, motorcycle bags belonging to 3 different motorcycles, 3 motorcycle front chest, 2 spiral machines used to erase motorcycle chassis numbers and helmets were seized.


It was learned that 27-year-old UO, who was taken into custody, contacted the suspects who brought the stolen motors by text message and spoke in code, saying “Bring the patient to the operating room”. It was stated that the seized materials will be returned to their owners after being examined.

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