“Operation Claw-Sword is a requirement of Turkey’s right of self-defense”

“Operation Claw-Sword is a requirement of Turkey’s right of self-defense”
“Operation Claw-Sword is a requirement of Turkey’s right of self-defense”

Saint-Prot made statements regarding the Operation Claw-Sword, which was launched on November 20 in northern Iraq and Syria, following the terrorist attack on Istiklal Street in Istanbul on November 13.

Stating that operations were started within the scope of Operation Claw-Sword against the terrorist organization PKK/YPG upon the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the terrorist attack on Istiklal Street, Saint-Prot said, He stated that the PKK has been threatening the social order in Turkey since 1984.

Referring to Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu’s words that “they will not get permission from anyone for counter-terrorist operations”, Saint-Prot said that countries take action “when their vital interests are at stake,” as in the United States, Russia and China.

“The silence of the USA is a terrible blindness”

While Saint-Prot focused on the Russia-Ukraine War, the Western wing of the US, UK and most EU countries focused on the Russian-Ukrainian War, while Turkey got to the heart of the matter by asking “whether these countries’ priority is to prevent Russia in Europe or to support the PKK?” made his assessment.

The French Political Scientist underlined that President Erdogan expects his allies to justify their legitimate concerns about Turkey.

Saint-Prot commented, “In NATO, where Turkey is a strong element, Ankara has not sufficiently heeded its concerns, despite statements by its partners, especially US President Joe Biden, that they will condemn attacks that will undermine stability in the region.”

Saint-Prot said, “While the PKK and its accomplices threaten the stability of the region, it is terrible blindness for the US to remain silent,” said Saint-Prot. drew attention to the contradiction it created.

Russia understands Turkey’s concerns, unlike the US and Europe

Saint-Prot underlined that while Russia wants to preserve its cordial relations with Turkey, unlike Biden and its Western allies, Ankara accepts its weight in the region and takes a stance that respects the Turkish nation.

Reminding that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made a statement during his visit to Ankara on 8 June that Moscow understands Ankara’s concerns about threats against Turkey in areas controlled by US elements, Saint-Prot said Erdogan’s “PKK He reminded that he said “Turkey will not feel safe unless the areas controlled by the YPG are intervened”.

Pointing out that President Erdogan’s policy of not harboring terrorist organizations on its borders is consistent and a requirement of patriotism, Saint-Prot said, “Turkey’s intervention in PKK terrorism is in the interest of Ankara as well as the international community.”

Charles Saint-Prot noted that France supports “Erdogan’s plan to create a buffer zone between Syria and Turkey, which he presented in 2014,” unlike the United States under Barack Obama.

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