The 4-year-old boy who put a fork in the transformer was caught in the fireball after the explosion! Before and after scary moments on camera!

Tiny Cinar was caught in the fireball! Those moments are on camera!

In Esenyurt, a 4-year-old boy stuck his fork into the electric transformer. At that moment, the transformer exploded in the boy’s face. While the little boy was taken to the hospital, the moments of horror were reflected on the security camera.

The incident took place in Esenyurt Battalgazi Neighborhood yesterday evening. According to the information obtained, a 4-year-old boy named Çınar S. inserted the fork in his hand into the electrical transformer in front of the building. At that time, an explosion occurred in the transformer.

The little boy caught in the explosion ran around in shock. The surrounding citizens and the child’s family washed the face and hands of the child, who had burns on his body, with water.

Later, the family put the child in a passing car and took him to the hospital. Police, firefighters and electrical teams were dispatched to the scene.

The teams fixed the transformer where the explosion took place and pulled a safety strip around it. After the incident, the electricity of some buildings on the street was completely cut off.

In Esenyurt Battalgazi District, the moments when 4-year-old Çınar S. put the fork in the transformer and the transformer exploded were reflected in the security camera. In the footage, it is seen that the little boy put the fork in the transformer, the transformer exploded shortly after, and the little boy ran around in shock. At that time, it is reflected on the cameras that the citizens around and the child’s family came to help and washed the little boy’s body with water.

It is seen that the father, who panicked after the incident, beat the mother in the middle of the street, and then they ran around screaming, hugging the little boy and walking away from there.

Expressing that he saw the moment of the incident, Mahmud Şamiye said, “A voice came. We just went out. We saw the fork in the child’s hand. He put it in the transformer. It exploded in your hand. Her parents came. Then they came to our shop. They asked for water. I spilled a little. His face and hair have always been black. His skin is peeled off. They took him to the intensive care unit. Electricity exploded. They’re cut now. They’re making repairs,” he said.

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