‘Hammer’ murder on camera / Antalya Express

‘Hammer’ murder on camera / Antalya Express
‘Hammer’ murder on camera / Antalya Express

Dmitry Stepanov (37), who killed his father Pavel Stepanov (62), whom he had an argument with in a 5-star hotel in Antalya, by hitting him on the head with a hammer and choking him with wire, and who was caught after he seriously injured his mother Tatiana Stepanov (64) and escaped, is the moment of the murder. image appeared

Dmitry Stepanov, who was on holiday in a 5-star hotel in the Çolaklı District of Manavgat district, had an argument with his mother, Tatiana Stepanov, and his father, Pavel Stepanov, for an unknown reason, on Saturday, September 17. As the argument escalated, Stepanov killed his father, whom he attacked with a hammer, and seriously injured his mother.


It was determined that Dmitry Stepanov turned on loud music in the room where he was with his parents, and then began to record the room with a video camera. It was determined that Dmitry Stepanov hit his father and mother on the heads and different parts of his body with the hammer he had in his hand, and eventually both of them strangled their throats with wire. It was determined that Stepanov, who videotaped the murder he committed in detail and published it on social media, left the hotel on foot after washing his hands and face calmly. It was noted that Stepanov’s video was taken down by the social media site after the complaint.


Stepanov, who took the hammer from under the pillow he hid, recorded the moments when he hit his father repeatedly. In the footage, the moments when Stepanov hit his father with a hammer and knocked him unconscious, tied his mouth with duct tape and strangled him with wire, were reflected in the images moment by moment. Dmitry Stepanov, who was caught in Antalya’s Kepez district and brought to Manavgat after the murder he committed, and was arrested by the judge from whom he was released, took a confession video in which he explained why he committed the murder in a cafe and shared it as a ‘murder confession’ on his social media site. (DHA)

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