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We will hit from here, Ankara will hear our voice

We will hit from here, Ankara will hear our voice
We will hit from here, Ankara will hear our voice

Covered Newspaper – The guest of the ‘Gündem Special’ published on Wednesday, the yellow list applicantI Ahmet Cetin while the moderator of the program was journalist Şaban Kardeş. Fatih Kıray from Saray News Newspaper, Adem Çil from Kapaklı Newspaper, Cerkezkoy In the program where Faik Onur Kaya from Haber Newspaper, Abdülhamit Albez from Trakya Flaş Haber and Hüseyin Gökçeli from Çerkezköy Express Newspaper took part, journalists had the opportunity to direct the public’s questions to Ahmet Çetin, the yellow list candidate.


Ahmet Çetin, who gave information about the candidacy process in the program, said, “We had really serious consultations. By not saying I know everything, we consulted what we did not know with a good team work, received support from outside and received training. We spent more on education than advertising and marketing, saying that education is important to everyone, education is everything to us. We have also done a selfless work on this issue. Cetin Group is a faculty. We are working hard to add value to the region and to train manpower with our teamwork. Behind every strong man, there is always a strong woman next to him. The other half of an apple is our women. They are the ones who share everything with us in business life. This big family, the Çetin Group family, continues to add value to our country and earn foreign currency with its 4 production facilities in our region. Success is not the final destination, it is an ongoing journey. Thank you to everyone who has been with us on this journey.” said.


Expressing that they will fight for the Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry to become a chamber operating on a global scale, Çetin said, “Our region is Turkey’s production base. Unfortunately, this production base is realized as short passes in a narrow area in terms of trade. You’re thinking macro. We will develop our room by establishing cooperation with the companies in the region and using this power. Each of our council members has projects, we will realize all of these projects.” he said.


Cetin, who gave information about the training camp and hotel project he plans to do in Kiyikoy if he becomes the president, said, “We will have projects that are realistic and have their feet on the ground. We will also have a business plan to realize these projects. The training camp is an important project. Because it is a project that we will do not only for the members to have a holiday, but also for the industrialists and traders to shape their work in the best way. As Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will break new ground. By establishing a high consultation board with our valuable business people, business people from the industry who have added value to our region, we will carry out a beautiful and successful business for the first time, benefiting from their experience. We will come not to do existing works, but to implement more macro projects that add value to our region.” used the phrases.


“Will you hit the table with your fist when necessary to make the voice of the business world heard?” Speaking on the question, Çetin said, “We will hit from here, Ankara will hear our voice. I will struggle to find solutions to all issues concerning the Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I am a warrior, in war there is no stopping until the goal is achieved. He who does not risk death cannot win the war.” made a statement. VoteExpressing that politics should not be mixed with the parties, Çetin said, “There are representatives from every party in the room. We have people of all religions and races there. Çerkezköy is simply a mosaic.” he said.


You had a statement that “The Chamber of Commerce is not a place of rent”, do you still stand by your word? On the question, Çetin said, “You are the master of the word until it comes out of the mouth, you are its slave after the word comes out of the mouth. I brought a science high school to Çerkezköy because I owe it to my country. To repay our debt to our region, we will ensure that trade and industry embrace here. We are planning to come to Çerkezköy, which is the base center of global trade, where there are great opportunities, for service. While I was coming to the chamber of commerce in Çerkezköy, we are coming to see how we can add value to our region, to pay our debts to the tradesmen and industrialists by working with my administration.” said.


Answering the question regarding the rumors that there is a continuation of Süleyman Kozuva, Çetin said, “Mehmet Danyeli has just joined us. Strategy is very important. It was inevitable that he was with us and supported us. There will be approximately 101 committee and council member candidates. Among these, Ayhan, whom I worked with before, is also here. We have around 9 percent of our friends from Süleyman Bey and his team. There was no negotiation or negotiation regarding this. My answer is clear, we will achieve a new management, strong management, management together. We will achieve this together with our friends from the industry and tradesmen. We have no continuation.” he said.


When asked whether he will be a candidate from which group, he replied, “I have four companies and four groups. But as an industrialist, I will enter from the seventh group,’ said Çetin, and said that he will not have any candidacy from other groups. Evaluating the ‘Candidacy’ process of Rahmi Yılmaz and Süleyman Kozuva during the candidacy announcement process, Çetin said, “It is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. No one should be a candidate by being angry or offended by someone.” said.


The election forecast of the members of the press, the status of the alliance and will the members be able to find themselves in the room after the election? Answering the question, Çetin said, “Every presidential candidate is a candidate to win the election. No matter which president he is, he enters the election as if he will win 15-0. The truth will be determined by the votes of the members. This offer has been coming to me for many years. ‘You will be a presidential candidate this year, right?’ I am constantly getting feedback. The phones are not silent. It’s amazing that they trust us. I think we will win this election without the need to ally with the returns of the members who trust us. We have 4 companies and approximately 12 thousand employees. How will Ahmet Çetin spend time in the room? Each of my teammates is an expert in their field. One of the most important nuances I use where it is not enough is that we do not hesitate to work with consultants. Reputation is not saved. That’s why we experimented with professional teams. I took 15-20 days off. I saw that the work is going very well. I have my son and wife, who also give me strength from the management side. We also work with very strong teammates in terms of management. I will make time for you. The room will be open. I won’t be there 24 hours a day, but I will be in the room at certain times of the day.” said.


Answering the question about holding the elections in a chamber or elsewhere, Çetin said, “If the Supreme Election Board says that this election can be held in the chamber, it can be done. Or if it says it should be done at school, it can be done there. They will decide this. For us, wherever it is, it should be a democratic election and an election that will be held without making excuses. We don’t want excuses, we want solutions.” he said.


To the question about the election date, “If the election decision is made tomorrow, a month’s time is required. I do not know whether the Board of Directors of the Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry will meet this week, but the date will be announced soon. I think it could be as early as the end of October, it could be November 15 at the latest. Ultimately, this is at the discretion of the board of directors. Hopefully there will be a date when the majority can vote. I believe that the management will make an equal decision for all members with common sense.” said.


Answering the question of how you evaluate the candidacy of Ömer Karadeniz, one of the other presidential candidates, Çetin said, “Ömer Karadeniz is also a presidential candidate. As a result, he was a candidate for there because he was confident in himself and saw himself worthy of it. I congratulate him and wish him success. If you ask what will be your difference, being an industrialist coming from trade and being a production that can embrace everyone are my plus sides.” he said.


Asked for his opinion on the regulation of the Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry fees, Çetin said, “Every member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has to pay their dues debt. I want to make promises that I can deliver. I can’t say that I will get half of the room fee. I can’t lie because the law and order are clear. If I say that I will take it at the minimum level, I will tell the truth. I also know clearly that it is just at the border of the minimum level right now. So I can’t do it in half. I can promise that what may happen will be on the same line as the legal limit, but you can’t get a fee below the minimum limit because it’s not legal,” he said.


Çetin said, “We believe that we will achieve the goals we have set in unity and solidarity with the Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry, traders, tradesmen and artisans. I would like to say here that, after the election, after taking the presidency, we will come together with all our teammates and local governments to find solutions to the problems of the region. Thank you, be present.” he finished his speech.

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