Ankara policy news | Vice President Oktay spoke at the AK Party Akyurt District Organization meeting

Ankara policy news | Vice President Oktay spoke at the AK Party Akyurt District Organization meeting
Ankara policy news | Vice President Oktay spoke at the AK Party Akyurt District Organization meeting

Vice President Fuat Oktay said, “Turkey is making an effort to the death to bring peace to life as an element of stability in its region.” said.

Oktay performed the Friday prayer in the Seyyid Burhaneddin Mosque with the citizens in Akyurt district of Ankara, where he came to attend various programs.

Oktay, who visited the shopkeepers, was accompanied by AK Party Ankara deputies Nevzat Ceylan and Arife Polatdüz, Akyurt Mayor Hilal Ayık, AK Party Provincial President Hakan Han Özcan and District President Murat Yıldırım.

Oktay, who came together with the AK Party Akyurt District Organization at the Akyurt Municipality Meeting Hall, said that in addition to the works carried out by the government, he also dealt with the demands and problems of the citizens and solved them.

Oktay stated that the six table could not decide with whom to enter the elections in 2023 and said, “I guess they are waiting for instructions, are they waiting for the instructions from the ambassadors, we will see if they are waiting for it from others outside.” said.

“We are determined to serve each individual of 85 million with the same sensitivity”

Emphasizing that they continue to serve the nation in a very determined way under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Oktay said, “As for the service point, we are determined to serve each and every individual of 85 million with the same sensitivity, without any discrimination between any political party or between our citizens. ” he said.

Pointing to the successful meetings held by President Erdogan in Samarkand at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit and in New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly, Oktay said that the most important issue that the world needs today is peace and stability.

Noting that a citizen expressed his problem about natural gas during his visit to the tradesmen, Oktay said:

“I said there, imagine that the natural gas we burn in our house, which is 60 dollars a thousand cubic meters and even went down to 30 dollars at a time, has increased to 3 thousand 500 dollars in the past weeks. It is now 2 thousand 500 dollars and you do not know where it will go. That’s it. Now there is uncertainty. A country and the additional cost in a single year is about 50 billion dollars. This is not an easy resource for countries like Turkey. In a year, an additional cost of approximately 50 billion dollars is added to energy costs, as you do not expect in a year. But our President clearly says, ‘I will give this to our citizens. You will not reflect this to my citizens as much as I can.’ This is his biggest clear instruction to us. That’s why we, as the government, pay every 80 lira of those bills, which we already know are too much in homes today, so that we don’t reflect what goes up to 3,500 dollars.”

“We add our night to our day”

Reminding that despite the need for global and regional stability, there are major problems in this regard in Turkey’s region, and that while Turkey is making great efforts to solve these problems, some countries that define itself as a great state help terrorist organizations, continued as follows:

“You see our President. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all of our relevant units are making our day and night. It’s about stopping this conflict as soon as possible. “Unfortunately, many examples come from the west. This is an interesting thing. Actually, in NATO, we are talking about the states we work with, all of whom are our allies. However, as long as these wars and conflicts are not resolved in the region, the whole world pays the bill, everyone pays, and Akyurtlu also does,” Ankara pays, our citizens in 81 provinces pay, all the states in the world pay. Now we too, saying ‘the war will not be a winner’ whether someone wants his death or not… And when he spoke at the Cooperation Organization, U There is no winner in war, and there is no loser in peace, which he expressed very clearly when he spoke to Krayna. Turkey is making an effort to the death to bring peace as a stabilizing factor in its region. Therefore, our message from here is that we support our President’s efforts, which he puts day and night.”

“A serious decision will be made in the 2023 elections”

Expressing that a serious decision will be made in the 2023 elections and that the six-fold table cannot call the PKK a terrorist organization, Oktay said that President Erdogan’s success in international diplomacy cannot be expected from the six-table.

Pointing out that Ankara is also the capital of the defense industry and that some projects must be completed in order to fortify this, Oktay said:

“We are also closely interested in a metro line that connects the center of Ankara to the airport. Of course, the fact that we do not have the Metropolitan as the People’s Alliance may also cause some things not to go as quickly as we would like. Our citizens of Ankara are already aware of this, they are aware of which services are provided or not. He is also aware that values ​​are being made or not. When we look at the last few years, you know very well how much of the investments that should be made as a Metropolitan have been made or not. More precisely, you know very well that they have not been made. You know this very well in Istanbul. You know. So we have a lot of work. We are entering 2023, then there is 2024 all together. We will knock on every single door, neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, house by house. Whatever the problem of each of our citizens is, we will look for a solution together.”

Later, Vice President Oktay made home visits to Zahide and Halil İbrahim Karahan family, 95-year-old Korean veteran Cafer Yeşilkaya and his family, and the family of Piyade Private Şuayip Çalışkan, who was martyred in Şemdinli in 2006.

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