Signed a “canteen inspection” protocol in Gaziantep

Signed a “canteen inspection” protocol in Gaziantep
Signed a “canteen inspection” protocol in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep Governor’s Office and Gaziantep Chamber of Canteen Shopkeepers signed a “Canteen Control Protocol” on access to healthy food.
With the protocol signed in the foyer area of ​​Gaziantep Governorship, it is aimed to provide healthy food to the students studying in formal and non-formal education institutions in Gaziantep, and to prevent diseases caused by low nutritional food and beverages by increasing the relationship between students’ learning and nutrition.
With this protocol, which will prevent uncontrolled consumption by students in terms of informing and raising awareness, canteen businesses will be able to put a maximum of 20 percent profit share on the products sold.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, who spoke at the ceremony, stated that the health of children is very important in Gaziantep, the education city, and said, “The health of our children goes through healthy food and food safety. With this signature, we, as Gaziantep Metropolitan, are concerned with both food safety being established and our children’s consumption of healthy foods during the day, as long as they are at school, from the eyes of a mother, which causes obesity, which endanger our children’s health, which products should be eaten and which should not be eaten. There are information sent to us, there are circulars, there are presidential decrees,” he said.

“The productivity and success of our children depends on healthy food”
Noting that Gaziantep has a lot of work and responsibility with its 600 thousand students, Mayor Fatma Şahin said, “Our canteen and canteens need to be well trained. Both the physical conditions, the content and the products should be chosen very well and given to our children. In addition, families need to be very well informed. School family associations are very important. We need to share this result with them. What I am trying to say is that this area is a very important area. Our children’s productivity, success and healthy thinking also depend on healthy food. As Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, I would like to express that we will give all kinds of support under the coordination of our governorship. I wish this protocol to be beneficial to our children, families, education life and our city.”

“Public health starts in schools”
Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, on the other hand, explained that public health begins in schools first of all, and said, “Health in schools begins in canteens. In fact, all the institutions here will carry out the work they do separately in a certain coordination from now on. Our students and children should have access to affordable, healthy and hygienic products in canteens. You know, there was an instruction we published two years ago. According to him, our price policy in canteens could be 20 percent more than chain stores. The canteens should not compete with each other when entering the tender and then sell the tea to students for 5 liras and 10 liras. From now on, we will look at the control of the prices, the control of the quality of the products. For products that are not in chain markets, there will be a maximum of 20 percent more than the price sold in military casinos and military canteens. Here, both our canteen room and other institutions and organizations will tighten their inspections in this sense.”
Gaziantep Provincial Director of National Education Yasin Tepe stated that they will cooperate on many issues from the physical conditions of the products sold in the canteen to the order and order of the employees, and said, “I hope that with this protocol, the children of our city will have access to much healthier food. I would like to thank our esteemed governor and our stakeholders,” he said.
Gaziantep Provincial Health Director Ümit Mutlu Tiryaki stated that they will take their responsibility in the field of health with this protocol and said, “We will carry out studies and scans not only on food safety, but also on the health of our students studying at school. There are studies that you have already seen in this field, and we will bring this to a higher level. We will also provide the necessary support for food safety,” he said.
Şıho Kelleci, President of the Canteen Chamber of Craftsmen, promised to ensure that children receive healthier and more reliable services and said, “What we cannot feed our own children, we do not feed to other children. We do not feed all of our children. We will also be disturbed by conscience. We are here to contribute to this protocol,” he said.
Gaziantep Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mehmet Karayılan expressed his sine qua non for food safety and the health of children and conveyed his thanks to every stakeholder who contributed to the protocol.

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