The scandalous bride of the famous family became the ‘sister in trouble’ on the screen…. Wear nice underwear and blow dry your hair

The scandalous bride of the famous family became the ‘sister in trouble’ on the screen…. Wear nice underwear and blow dry your hair
The scandalous bride of the famous family became the ‘sister in trouble’ on the screen…. Wear nice underwear and blow dry your hair

There are even those who have built new careers for themselves with their share of the fame of the family they were a member of in the past. One of them is Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of the scandalous member of the family, Prince Andrew.

64-year-old Ferguson, who was married between 1986 and 1996 to Andrew, the Queen’s middle son who hurt her the most during her lifetime and whose name was involved in scandals, came to the fore a while ago with the news that she was treated for breast cancer. But it looks like he has regained his health and is now on his way to becoming a screen star.

Sarah Ferguson, who retained the title of Duchess of York despite her marriage ending, opened a new page in her life.

Ferguson, who is known for the books she has written and her social media posts, appeared as the “sister sister” in the morning program broadcast on ITV. He had his first experience in this regard yesterday.

Sarah Ferguson gave some tips about love and relationships to two viewers who connected to the program by phone.

In her section, the Duchess of York gave couples some “bedroom secrets” to increase their happiness.

Ferguson told the audience to “have a nice underwear section in your drawer. Style your hair and surprise her with a treat.” Sarah Ferguson added that all these will bring a new color to the relationship.

Sarah Ferguson, who joined the program’s regular presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, said that she worked with a great team to share with the audience about the topics she is passionate about.

The first question asked to Ferguson was a female audience member named Suzanne. The audience said that they could not find the balance in their relationship with their wife because they had young children, and added that her husband felt as if he had been thrown aside.

After listening to him, the Duchess says the following. “My first question to you is, do you have a close next door neighbor or mother-in-law or mother to keep an eye on the kids?” he said.

Then she continued: “Have an attractive underwear section in your closet drawer. Do your hair. You know, blow dry it and then take your husband and go out. Pamper him a little. Tell your husband, “Don’t worry tonight, honey. Say we are going somewhere and everything is arranged. “Such surprises will bring excitement to your relationship again,” he said.

Another audience member explained that their 12-year relationship had come to a halt because they no longer did things together. He explained that he used to go climbing with his girlfriend, but they don’t do that anymore.

Ferguson immediately asked this audience a question: “What is your favorite place? You can tell him, “Darling, I made a reservation for your favorite place to climb. “After you climb as you wish, we will have a nice weekend together,” he said. Ferguson also advised this audience to buy attractive underwear.

When asked why she took on such a “sister sister” role, Ferguson replied, “I think I’m in the position of a grandmother now. I’m really proud to be here.”

Ferguson, the hero of a series of scandals in the British royal family, is known for the books he wrote. The Duchess of York also draws attention with her posts about children on her social media page.


By the way, although she has calmed down recently, Sarah Ferguson, or Fergie as she is known by everyone, caused a lot of trouble for the British royal family for a long time. Because the scandals were endless.

In 2008, she founded the foundation she named Sarah Selects, with the financial help of her daughters Eugenie and Beatrice. But it turned out that he used the large amount of money he earned for his own benefit. At that time, Sarah’s name in the British press was now “Freeloader Sarah”.

Fergie’s name has been involved in another series of scandals. It turned out that she did not pay her debts to the stores she shopped at and the people working for her.

Fergie was also caught on the hidden camera of the News of the World newspaper, which had to lock its doors due to the wiretapping scandal that shook the world.

At the time, she was trying to arrange a business meeting with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, for £500,000.


But beyond all this, there is such a scandal in which Sarah is the hero that no one in the family could blame her on this issue. It caused him to be ostracized from the family for so long.

So, do you want to know why Ferguson was so ostracized by the family? The reason for this is those photographs in which Sarah was the protagonist in 1992, whose photographs were literally published ‘sheet by sheet’ in the world press.

Sarah Ferguson became the bride of the British royal family five years after the wedding of Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, which the whole world watched as if they were watching a fairy tale.

In 1986, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson married. They had two daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice. However, the marriage did not go well and the couple decided to part ways in 1992. Their official divorce was completed in 1996.

But in the time leading up to this official divorce, Sarah Ferguson became the hero of that great scandal that is identified with her even today.

After parting ways with Andrew, Sarah moved to France’s popular holiday destination, St. He went to St. Tropez. She spent time with American financial advisor John Bryan during that holiday.

While the two were sunbathing by the pool one day, Bryan started sucking Sarah’s toe. Of course, the paparazzi who followed them step by step did not miss those moments. Even though they were about to divorce, these images of the bride of the British royal family made headlines in the world press.

What’s even weirder is that Sarah was at Balmoral Castle with the whole family when those photos were published.

Queen Elizabeth II was furious when she saw these photos. Sarah returned to London the same day. Although there were some other developments, Sarah Ferguson was ostracized from the family mainly because of this scandal. The calendar showed the year 1992 when this scandal broke out.

The day those images hit the headlines, Fergie was at Balmoral Castle with the royal family. The Queen was furious over the photos and Sarah Ferguson returned to London the same day. Their marriage with Andrew officially ended in 1996.

Sarah Ferguson, or with her full name Sarah Margaret Ferguson, who did not lose the title of Duchess of York even though her marriage to Prince Andrew ended, was born in London in 1959.

She was born as the daughter of Major Ronald Ivor Ferguson and Susan Mary Wright. His father had a career in the armed forces and worked as manager of Prince Charles’ polo-team.

On her father’s side, the duchess is descended from Charles I Lennox, Duke of Richmond, and James Scott I, Duke of Monmouth, to Charles II of England. It is based on Karl.

Having a privileged childhood, Sarah studied at a boarding school with her sister. After graduating, Ferguson attended a secretarial school and worked at a public relations firm, then a gallery, and finally a publishing house in London.

In 1985, he was invited by the royal family to a party at Windsor Castle. Her relationship with Prince Andrew also began there. But even as a child, he came into contact with the royal family because of his father’s passion for polo.

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