The famous star has millions, but he has been wearing the same coat for two years!

The famous star has millions, but he has been wearing the same coat for two years!
The famous star has millions, but he has been wearing the same coat for two years!

When it comes to the unique beauty and elegance that famous stars have exhibited throughout the years they spent in the spotlight, one of the first names that comes to mind is, of course, Victoria Beckham. Victoria, a pop star known all over the world as a member of the Spice Girls group, almost doubled her fame after marrying David Beckham.


In this marriage, which has lasted for 24 years, David and Victoria Beckham, who are both already famous, have become one of the most powerful couples in the world by increasing both their fame and fortune with the investments they made. The Beckham couple, who have four children, have dream houses in England and the USA, countless cars and, of course, a luxurious life that will make everyone jealous.

David and Victoria Beckham are considered one of the most popular celebrity couples not only for their marriage but also for their style and elegance.

One of the most well-known features of the couple is their very popular wardrobes and their styles that lead the fashion world. Especially Victoria Beckham has left many famous stars of the show world behind in this regard. The famous name earned her nickname with this “cool” style while she was in the Spice Girls group.


Even though the group broke up years ago, everyone still calls Victoria Beckham “Posh” Spice. Taking advantage of this fame, Victoria Beckham also founded a clothing brand bearing her name years ago. Beckham, who became a well-known fashion designer and designer in a short time, has now become the favorite name of the most important fashion shows around the world.

Victoria Beckham is one of the most stylish women in the show business… The star name, who never wears anything again, has also managed to become a famous fashion designer.

Those who saw Victoria Beckham, who “never wears what she wears again”, so to speak, and who dazzles with her elegance both on red carpets and in her daily life, were quite surprised the other day. The other day, Beckham took his 12-year-old daughter Harper to the New Year’s amusement park, which was set up in a park close to their mansion worth millions.


While Harper was riding the toys in the amusement park established here, Victoria Beckham took many photos of Harper having fun with her friends. The star, who dressed very simply in order not to attract the attention of those around her, wore black from head to toe, completing her black tights and black puffy coat with a hat on her head.

Victoria Beckham took her 12-year-old girl to the amusement park for a weekend trip… It was surprising that Victoria Beckham, who draws attention with her simple appearance, still uses her old coat from last year.

The famous fashion designer went to the same place with his daughter last year and wore the same coat. Victoria Beckham was dressed in all black then, too, and this time she completed her outfit with a woolen beret. Fans of the “cool” fashion designer were quite surprised that Victoria Beckham, who is always on the agenda with her clothing style, used the same coat for two years in a row.
Victoria Beckham wore the same coat last year, this time combining it with a beret instead of a hat.


Victoria Beckham, who was commented “She too got caught up in the sustainability trend”, continued to use the same coat and was compared to the frugal British royal family. The senior female members of the family, Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton, are also famous for wearing both their casual clothes and elegant evening dresses with simple adaptations over and over again.

Victoria and David Beckham couple have been on the agenda for a while with the documentary about their lives that made a lot of noise. The documentary, which focuses on David Beckham’s life story and football career, was also much talked about with its details about the couple’s married life. In fact, the betrayal scandal that the couple experienced in 2003 and tried to forget was brought to the agenda again with this production.


In the documentary, while talking about his childhood, David Beckham said that his parents were modest people from the working class, and Victoria Beckham, who participated in the conversation, explained that her family was also from the working class. Thereupon, David Beckham’s words caused countless jokes on social media for days.

Victoria Beckham even turned a joke that went viral on the internet into profit for herself and even modeled the t-shirt she produced.

When Victoria claimed that her family were ‘hard-working, working-class’ people, David Beckham intervened and said, “Be honest, which car did your father take you to school in?” When asked, “cool” Victoria had to confess, “Okay. My father had a Rolls-Royce in the 80s.” After this, David Beckham said “Thank you” with a smile and left the room laughing.

Victoria’s website states that the t-shirt “reflects the fun side of the brand”


When these moments went viral on social media, Victoria Beckham showed off her business womanhood and immediately made a smart initiative by making a T-shirt for her own brand that said “My Father Had a Rolls Royce” and selling it for 110 pounds. Victoria Beckham, who even used these funny moments that made everyone laugh to her advantage, wore this t-shirt that she put up for sale, shared it on Instagram and acted as a model in its marketing.

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