Comprehensive Summary of the Unfortunate Events That Happened to Taylor Swift at Her Brazil Concerts

Comprehensive Summary of the Unfortunate Events That Happened to Taylor Swift at Her Brazil Concerts
Comprehensive Summary of the Unfortunate Events That Happened to Taylor Swift at Her Brazil Concerts

Taylor Swift… The superstar whose Brazil leg of the Eras Tour was full of chaos. He probably regretted leaving.

Actually, everything started very well.

Junior Jewels’ iconic t-shirt from You Belong with Me was even reflected on the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. Fans in Brazil were very excited. But the problem was that Brazil is incredibly hot these days. They were experiencing the hottest days of the year. We are talking about weather above 40 degrees.

Taylor was going to give a concert there not in one day, but several days in a row.

The first day of the concert was very problematic. Stadium officials/organizers told the participants that entering the stadium with water is prohibited. There were very few places to sell water inside the stadium, and the ones that were available were very expensive. As you know, water inflation occurred during the concert.

Before the Taylor concert even started, during Sabrina Carpenter’s opening, a 23-year-old fan named Ana Clara Benevides suddenly fell to the ground due to extreme thirst, was taken to the hospital and died in the hospital. Turns out the girl had a heart attack. I understand that situation very well because I didn’t feel very different at Muharrem İnce’s Maltepe rally in 2018, when I realized that there were thousands of people behind me and that I couldn’t go, under that heat (the weather was much cooler, compared to Brazil). I also had water.

The audience begs Taylor during the concert, Please give us water saying. During the scene, Taylor warns the authorities to bring water immediately. The stadium organizers do nothing, while Taylor’s own team is trying to distribute the water they have one by one. It’s not enough, Taylor is trying to distribute water to the people while singing on stage.

Yesterday was supposed to be the second day of the concert, but it was canceled at the last minute due to weather conditions.

That’s why many people blamed the woman. oops shame!!!! What irresponsibility is this!! saying. But I think Taylor & Stadium officials had a disagreement. When the weather was terrible, Taylor and his team thought it would be best to cancel at the last minute.

There will be a concert again today. Before the concert even started, a 25-year-old fan named Gabriel Mongenot was mugged and killed before the concert. The first day’s concert performance was already a disaster. People took shelter in Burger King or something because they were afraid of being mugged. Not to mention the hot weather.

This article is dated 19.11.2023.

This is the first time I realize how dangerous a country Brazil is. It was a very traumatic process for Taylor. I mean, it’s a shame for those lives lost. Then they ask the woman why you don’t come there or here. why come?

But the thing that makes me sad most is that while Turkey is a country where we can hold concerts “relatively” easily, we cannot go to the Taylor Swift concert just because of the political Islamists sitting in their seats and the “can you wear swimsuits at the concert, dear, our religion should have a literary religion, amen ecmain” crew. Even though we are a much more relaxed country than Brazil in this regard. When you look at the exchange rate, people already understand it a little. It’s a shame, Taylor will even go to Poland, but not Turkey. Türkiye is no longer a country where superstars come.

I’m really sorry. What did we lack in Brazil, what could we fail to do that this woman is not coming? It’s a rhetorical question, but it makes people sad.

long story short

The Brazilian leg of the Eras Tour was very problematic, and continues to be so. I hope their fans can have some fun at their second and third day concerts. Taylor was also red at the concert on the first day. He couldn’t breathe. What an interesting concert leg it was.

The article is in Turkish

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