They canceled the wedding before they got married… The famous actress is hand in hand with another man on her wedding day!

They canceled the wedding before they got married… The famous actress is hand in hand with another man on her wedding day!
They canceled the wedding before they got married… The famous actress is hand in hand with another man on her wedding day!

After getting engaged with great happiness and starting to prepare for their wedding day, they announced the shocking news and announced their separation.

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, the stars of the most watched reality show called Summer House, turned into a great love after they met and became friends on the program. The famous couple got engaged in August last year.

Lindsay Hubbard’s happy poses with the diamond engagement ring given by her great love Carl Radke have now become a painful memory…

Lindsay Hubbard, who wore the diamond engagement ring on her finger, chose the wedding dress she would wear for the wedding and even organized a fun bachelorette party with her friends.

The famous couple had completed all their wedding preparations and sent the invitations to the guests… Carl Radke surprised and attended the bachelorette party organized by Lindsay Hubbard, who also prepared the wedding dress she would wear.

Invitations were sent to the wedding guests. The wedding was to take place in Mexico. While preparations were being completed for the big day, the news from Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke stunned everyone. Everything was revealed in an email sent to the guests from the famous groom Carl Radke.

While all preparations for the wedding in Mexico were completed, Carl Radke announced that the marriage was canceled and they broke off the engagement.

“Words cannot even describe how difficult the last weeks have been for Lindsay and I,” Radke wrote in the letter, adding, “We apologize to our guests for this confusion and lack of communication. Unfortunately, we have to cancel our wedding.”

While announcing that the wedding was canceled, Carl Radke said, “Lindsay is devastated and it devastates me that all this happened,” but he did not give any further information about the reason for the separation. The couple, who had been dating for many years, started dating in 2019.

Lindsay Hubbard, whose dreams were left unfinished and who was said to be very sad after the wedding was cancelled, went on a romantic date with another famous television star, Johnny Bananas, on the day she would have gotten married if everything went well, and then walked hand in hand on the streets.

The couple’s close circle claimed that the decision to separate was made by Carl Radke. It was claimed that the famous television star had been doubting his feelings for his fiancée Lindsay Hubbard for a while. Bride-to-be Hubbard, who said, “I want Carl to cry when he sees me in my wedding dress,” was said to have been devastated and deeply saddened after the canceled wedding.


The wedding, which was planned with great love and happiness but was canceled, was supposed to take place last Friday. A group of wedding guests made the most of their pre-purchased plane tickets and went to Mexico anyway.

Among them were some of the famous couple’s TV show co-stars, as well as Carl Radke’s mother and stepfather. The guests of the wedding that did not take place and the groom’s mother and stepfather were seen having a party at the venue where the wedding would take place.


Another name that made a surprising use of this sad day was sad bride Lindsay Hubbard. It turns out that Lindsay Hubbard went on her first date with another famous television star, Johnny Bananas, on that big day when she was supposed to get married!

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke have been in great love since 2019… It is said that Carl Radke, who made the decision to separate, was unsure of his feelings just as the wedding was around the corner and made this decision.

The news that Hubbard and Bananas first had a romantic dinner at a luxury restaurant and then walked around the streets of Los Angeles, holding hands, was reported in the press. Lindsay Hubbard’s close circle said that the famous star was very sad after the canceled wedding.


It was said that Lindsay Hubbard would have difficulty when the wedding day came, which could not be held, so she tried to find things to “distract” her. It started to be said that this romantic evening was made by Hubbard because he wanted to spend the day in a different way when his world collapsed and maybe even to take revenge on his former love who had abandoned him.

Lindsay Hubbard recently said in a statement that she was “ready for a new suitor.” The name of the famous actor was mentioned with Country music star Dustin Lynch after the separation, but these allegations did not turn out to be true. It is not yet clear whether Lindsay Hubbard is in a real relationship with Johnny Bananas, with whom she walked hand in hand on her canceled wedding day…

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