After Seda Sayan, her older sister Nursel Sayan also went under the knife to rejuvenate! Seda Sayan’s sister is unrecognizable!


Entry Date: 20.11.2023 22:01
Update Date: 20.11.2023

Famous artist Seda Sayan is one of the famous names that frequently appear on the magazine agenda. In addition to her marriage with Çağlar Ökten, Seda Sayan was also on the magazine agenda with the aesthetics she had. However, this time, the famous singer’s older sister became a hot topic on social media with the plastic surgery she had done. Nursel Sayan, whose face was deformed as a result of the wrong intervention performed on her years ago, went under the knife. Here is the latest version of Seda Sayan’s older sister, Nursel Sayan!

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