Is your love worsening as she moves on to another man?


An event took place in Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert that would leave the audience speechless. Mehmet Ali recently came to the program with his ex-wife to call his 44-year-old girlfriend Sunay. There was a last minute development in the incident that drove Müge Anlı crazy from time to time. Sunay Hanım, who lost 27 kilos because of Mehmet Ali Bey’s love, was broadcast live. Ms. Sunay said, “I do not want to meet. She already knows that it is completely over.” Mehmet Ali Bey stated that he had been deceived before. After the couple’s allegations, Müge Anlı asked: “Is your love resurfacing as he moves towards another man?” He reacted by saying. Here are the details…

An interesting incident took place with Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert last Friday. Mehmet Ali Bey went on live broadcast with his ex-wife Zeynep Hanım in order to find his girlfriend Sunay Zeybek. The words of ex-wife Zeynep Hanım, who wanted Sunay Zeybek to be found, surprised both Müge Anlı and those on the screen.


Mehmet Ali Görel used the following statements in his statement:

“Mrs. Sunay was involved in a fight when she was a university student. She was told that I could solve this case. She called me and said, ‘Help me.’ She asked me for help, saying ‘I am married, solve this case so that my family does not hear about it.’ We solved the case. After that, it was our case.” He started. I ran away a lot. He is married, I am married. He said, ‘I’m going to divorce, save me.’ . Fate guided us. We couldn’t escape. My interest started too. He got divorced first. I got divorced 3 years ago. We have been together for 15 years, but there is no official marriage between us. We were going to get married because we have 2 children, but that remained that way. Thursday, November 2 “He disappeared from home that day. He completely blocked our children’s phones and our phones. He even blocked his own family. We haven’t heard any news until today.”


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