Ibrahim Celikkol and Natali Yarcan’s New Year’s Bliss in Riva


You first heard from me that İbrahim Çelikkol was with the famous high society name Natali Yarcan. The couple, who lived their relationship out of sight, presented their first photos together the previous day to the followers of İbrahim Çelikkol.

I learned details about the photo shared from the handsome actor’s house in Riva. As you know, Çelikkol vacated this house after his divorce from his wife Mihre Mutlu and rented it to Hadise-Mehmet Dinçerler couple. However, the dreamy house was not auspicious for the Hadise-Mehmet Dinçerler couple, and the couple divorced after a short marriage.

İbrahim Çelikkol actually did not intend to return to his empty house. Until he met Natali Yarcan! The actress, who found the love she was looking for in cookbook writer and TV face Natali Yarcan, settled in Riva with her lover a month ago.
Celikkol, who redecorated the house with Yarcan, found happiness in his beloved home this time.
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Kiss to Carlos Mert

Uğur Güven, the famous name of the society, who married his Brazilian lover Carla Araujo last September, is preparing to become a father.

Ibrahim Celikkol and Natali Yarca's New Year's Bliss in Riva

Güven announced that the gender of her baby is male with the photo she shared on New Year’s Eve. Guven, who played with her pregnant wife on the table, shared the pose of her husband kissing her belly with her followers and wrote that they would name the baby ‘Carlos Mert’.

They celebrated at home

The famous couple of the society, Ali-Aslı Hacısüleymanoğlu, celebrated New Year’s Eve at home with Aslı Hanım’s son Kerem.

Ibrahim Celikkol and Natali Yarca's New Year's Bliss in Riva


Eating as a family and watching the New Year’s programs on TV, the family gave their farewell pose to 2022 with their matching sweaters and two dogs. Hacısüleymanoğlu couple, who had a pleasant night, wished all their loved ones a happy new year.

They welcomed the new year in Canada

Businessperson Mustafa Göçen and his actor wife Gülseven Yılmaz entered the New Year in Canada. The family moved to Los Angeles for a while after their investments in the USA, and they continue their lives here. The couple, who did not refuse the ski holiday requests of their children Efe and Mars, turned the route to Canada during the New Year’s holiday.

Ibrahim Celikkol and Natali Yarca's New Year's Bliss in Riva

While the family was on a ski vacation at the popular ski resort of Lake Louise, it was here that they entered the New Year. Known for her fondness for art, Gülseven Yılmaz extended her vacation a few more days for the annual ‘Ice Magic Festival’. The family will return to Los Angeles after following the festival where professional ice carvers will compete.


Ibrahim Celikkol and Natali Yarca's New Year's Bliss in Riva

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