Financial Times changed the headline “Turkish singer Gaye Su Akyol is Erdogan’s worst nightmare”

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The Financial Times, one of Britain’s leading financial publications, changed the title of its news about musician Gaye Su Akyol after it became the subject of discussion on social media.

The interview by Nick Hasted was first given in the Financial Times with the headline “Turkish singer Gaye Su Akyol, Erdogan’s worst nightmare”. The news quickly became one of the most talked about on Twitter.

After the reactions, the title of the news was changed to “Turkish singer Gaye Su Akyol – hope and freedom”.

While many users found the headline “exaggerated” on Twitter, some interpreted it as “advertising”. Some users in the comments section of the Financial Times’ own site also described the title of the conversation as “a PR effort”.

At the beginning of the interview, Hasted said, “The last time I saw Gaye Su Akyol in Istanbul in 2019, it was like President Erdogan’s worst nightmare. While singing to an enthusiastic crowd in the Bohemian neighborhood Kadıköy, she wore a bat-winged silver cloak and a matching bustier. “She was bare-chested and had knee-high boots. She was deliberately inspiring, a sci-fi vision of the sexually liberated Turkish female rock n’roll rebellion.”

Akyol said in the interview, “When I wear those costumes, I become my own superhero. You know, Superman goes to the phone booth and comes out as himself…”

The Financial Times did not make a statement about the title change.

The article is in Turkish

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